2023 Wishlist

  1. New extreme missions, I’m not even on district 8, but there are players that have reached a dead end that deserve new missions. It’s been a while.

  2. Open up Ruby 7, it’s already built into the game, Deca just needs to unlock it

  3. Add astral and void heroes to guilded crates and pvp/alliance/gauntlet stores. It is a simple change that would make the community very happy and wouldn’t make it that easy to max out the heroes.

  4. Update GW and add a way to open 10 gw crates at once

  5. Remove the level cap, give OG players a reason to grind and differentiate from the pack

  6. Add mythic skins to the skin crate

  7. Add another use for nanodust


Also get rid of the gilded token as a prize in the crates for when you give out mythic skins. It has the same % drop rate as the mythic skin which makes it seems like a great prize when it is in fact not. It is really frustrating receiving it as a prize when i’m sure anyone would much rather have the mythic skin rather than the gilded token. And you guys give out gilded tokens all the time. It’s not that special and there’s no reason it should be held in the same regard as a mythic skin.

  1. Same as you (@ the time of writing; just about to finish district 6. I stopped to 6-bar my top 5). -this is one I could drop if asked to pick amongst it vs others
  2. Almost the same response as #1
  3. I caught on kinda late that drops of A/S frags were abundant from the hero and special token crates. Well at least that’s how I got mine. I rarely spend PvP and gauntlet tokens. That’s an opportunity for them to draw the the banks on those totals. I can imagine someone has more than 1bil gauntlet gems
  4. Same response as #1
  5. The tournaments are are where the distinction counts. Levels can be P2P
  6. Something related to getting missed skins is definitely a wishlist item of mine
  7. Yep. Although, I don’t really have so much of it, Maybe so much nano dust converts to a skin token. I wonder if that is already in the game. Anyone know of someone who has all skins? I don’t want all skins but if you had them all then the option to covert dust to tokens would be available.

Thanks for the list. I didn’t know it took so many core vii ruby frags to go to 6-bar. Grinding for them is like slipping into that sunken place. I don’t even remember accumulating the ones I used to 6-bar the 4 heroes I could when I hit lvl 100

Talk about getting rid of prizes: on the Marcus skin crate I must have gotten the150K bucks prize 80% of the time. I’d use gold to decrease the drop rate of that prize

that means ruby 7 or 8 should have a glowing border around the hero in lineups given its specialty and that it might be the last potential level

.*nanodust shouls be actually used to get void or astral frags if there is discussion around that

*i think the discussion of mythic skins or just other ways to obtain skins instead of just being in the skin vault crate has been discussed and the devs are finding for a good solution

*lvl cap should be allowed to extend to at least 150 since it it more reasonable number i think

*hopefully this year we have an anniversary event and some of these wishes can be provided the best solutions and such big surprises by the devs which happens around march every year if i remember correctly

7.on my old account which was lvl 91i used to have all the skins tjat you could use nanodust to buy and I had a lot of them for remainder the ppl i do know that have mostly all the skins are the VIP players

Heres a wish from years back:

Have Intra-alliance contribution awards in bounty. The highest points/bounties/summons contributed for that tier gets a bonus award. Some alliances get really lopsided with 3-4 members carrying the other 21.

Basically an indivdual milestone system for the damage and xx amount of bounty tokens achieved i kinda like this idea

They have to do their due diligence to ensure the system can’t be hacked to make an even more lopsided situation.

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