Endless Summer Blitz!

Do you want summer to end? Neither do we. :wink:

Join us in extending summer and unlock special rewards from the Summer Event Crate along the way!

How to Play

You are challenged to unlock the Summer Event Crate as many times as you can and climb the milestones for a chance to get Caine and his brand NEW mythic skin: Summer Vibes! Each unlock requires 4 Summer Tokens and gives 1 point. You can choose to do 10 unlocks at once if you wish. The more unlocks you do — the better the rewards!

Additional Rewards

In addition to the ranking rewards, you can get sweet prizes from the crate itself. Gold, 5 and 7 star tokens, platinum 5 and 6 frags are just some of the items you can grab.

Where can you find Summer Tokens?

  • Rootkit Solo Raid (10.03 - 10.07)
  • Cyberattack Coop Raid (10.10 - 10.14)
  • Tournament: Cyber + Commander (10.04 - 10.06)
  • Tournament: Cyber + Caine (10.11 - 10.13)
  • Purifier Daily Bonus


:gift: 2 unlocks

  • 25k Bucks
  • 4 Summer Tokens

:gift: 4 unlocks

  • 25k Bucks
  • 8 Summer Tokens

:gift: 8 unlocks

  • 50k Bucks
  • 12 Summer Tokens

:gift: 16 unlocks

  • 100k
  • 20 Summer Tokens

:gift: 32 unlocks

  • 125k Bucks
  • Caine

:gift: 64 unlocks

  • 150k Bucks
  • 24 Summer Tokens

:gift: 128 unlocks

  • 175k Bucks
  • Summer Vibes Caine Mythic Skin
  • Special Caine Portrait

Spread the summer vibes!


I am excited for it.

This looks amazingly fun! Will there be any offers to buy the tokens? Additionally the offer to buy fibers mythic skin and hemilocks hasn’t happened; will we see it at all? Some of us got bad luck on the crates (cough cough mellow) and a offer would really help us out

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Please give a mins simulator event in next update. It’s been a long time since we have it.


I was able to buy Hemlock mythic skin from store shortly after event ended

I see! I was lucky to have the skin, I’m assuming the skin went to the stores shortly after and I didn’t see,

let’s hope the same thing happens with the fiber skin! (Cough Cough, MELLOW)

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So this skin unlock only from 1st milestone? Without any chance from crates? And something tell me what regular player don’t get needed amount of summer tokens for skin without donate. Sad…

Looks ok, still nowhere close to the gilded event unfortunately

This is what I like to see. Even if i have to throw a few bucks in im ok with it. As long as i can play to get it. The way deca did the verrill Skin release was just unproductive. The money was never the issue with me. Either way most will pay. But to just buy with no play is boring and down right lazy. Thats why that skin is the only one i dont have. Lol
Looking forward to the event. :slight_smile:

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I just hope mid level players would be able to get the skin too

Look like nope – you will need 10-40k of gold for get this skin. This is ridiculous amount of resources for lazy skin for unpopular old character who left meta in 2019.

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Wym? Play the events, be active, you get tokens,
2: he’s still meta, and after his buff plus this skin, that crit chance is huge for him and his gold

Just do the math, lol. You need 512 tokens for skin. Check PVP rewards and cost of resets. Even if you will be active – you got free ~100 tokens. From 512. And this is when only top 100 players start got tokens from PVP. Plus DECA cut run of solo and coop events from week to 4 days.This event is another big slap on the face to HH community. 4 tokens for 1 crate it’s ridiculous.


Have you played all the raids and claimed the free tokens? It’s actually fairly easy to do without breaking the bank. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m already here using what’s been given to me and the solo raid.

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I repeat – you need 512 tokens. And you claim free tokens from milestones only once. You don’t saved gold so this skin it’s unreachable for you. This is reality.


Maybe instead of doing your usual blabla ranting stuff you should do your research
You get a point for every TOKEN spend. You can can the skin by buying the 10 euro pack together with 600 gold worth of resets. Which, anyone of high degree play should easily be able to grind within the time.
Point is, You’re wrong
I got the skin doing what i just said, it cost me 10 euro’s together with 600 of my own gold


Read topicstarter – for skin you need unlocks. 1 unlock – 4 tokens. DECA – “Each unlock requires 4 Summer Tokens and gives 1 point.” For skin you need 128 points.


So event is bugged? Lol. I’m not surprised. I don’t open crates. Just read info and try collect 40 tokens.

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This event Is new but literally Bore rewards… More over easy prizes to get rewards in crates… Every time crates open only get quickwin tickets… Very Bored…