Energy bio and mech frags

Why cant we just use frags that we have to use towards heros not unlocked as well i mean it wòuld make things so much better it just dont seem like kurtz will be ever unlocked its our frags we have earned why not spend them on how we like to

That is a bad idea, would make unlocking new heroes through raids useless and people would just instantly farm towards 7* and 5*s and almost everybody would have Kurtz and it would lead to destruction. This isn’t a problem, we have other things the player base should focus on.


i disagree it would make the playing field more level kurtz is a monster and it would help all players be more on a level playing field and yes there is alot of improvements needed but i been playing over 500 days still dont have prophet or kurtz shiv or lancer so yea it would level the field out im only speaking about frags not all the other improvements needed

It also would be a bad move for the profitability side of the game if it was easier/cheaper to unlock these premium characters