'Universal' frags should be UNIVERSAL

I am not sure if this has been discussed much or not but I honestly think that the Universal Hero Fragments should actually be Universal. At the moment they can only be applied to energy, mech and bio heroes and not to the two other elements. This is in no way a ‘universal’ frag.

Are the developers interested in addressing this?

How do other players feel about this situation? I am sure there are a few who welcome the concept of making some progress in the game extra difficult but I have been playing for years and I have had enough of this grind.


Yes please. I got 3K waiting in stock to just rust away. Since they’re somewhat rare it wouldn’t hurt to become real universals as the name suggests. Plus, high level players can then ACTUALLY use them properly when they’re 10 stars. Because i want Keir and Lucy mostly at 10 star. But well


I would LOVE to see this make it into HH. Unfortunately it will never happen. I doubt deca will give away one of their biggest cash cows. Next to Stamina thats in the most demand. If they supply that demand the value of those frags will drastically lose value and destroy that source of income.

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Rather than making void and astral frags, just let us use universal first,

Just rename the damn thing… problem solved. :grin:

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