Enough with the GOLD CRATE

They have fixed it, we don’t need to open crate now to claim the free ones, so no risk of wrong click as before.
Thx HH

I think the only way they could actually make the Gold crate worth purchasing is if they dropped a ‘0’ from its price.
I can’t imagine people actually purchasing one on purpose for 100 Gold.
Now that the possibility of accidentally purchasing them is gone, I wonder how large the drop in sales for Gold crates actually is (excluding the free ones).

Theres still no confirmation button coming up for me though if I buy a hero crate or something, I thought that was what was supposed to be added :thinking: or was it just fixing the free crates?

Why do you need a purchase confirmation button?

You have to get into the menue for buying crates. Then you have to click on the gold crate. And afterwards you have to cklick the purchase button, which can´t be done by an accidential double click. Do you want to tell me that this can happen"by accident"? I pretty much doubt that.

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I added 120 fragments to Elite Rifleman by mistake. :slight_smile: Nothing’s idiot proof but also I don’t blame anyone else than myself.

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Yeah, I bought the $40 piggy bank by mistake… put my thumb on the home button right after I accidentally tapped on the piggy bank and it did a damn fingerprint transaction… I was gonna call the card company and get my money back, but seeing over 5k gold on my account made it not so bad… rofl

Not bad. 125g/$. My piggy bank is 600g for 12 (50g/). No way am I buying that when the best deal is 1k g / 5 (200g/).

I wasn’t saying I needed a confirmation button just was commenting on what the dev’s said about the latest release

That is what they said and that is exactly what they have done.


My bad man, this is what I was thinking of. And if you click on the pic you can see they added the confirmation button in more than one area which is what I thinking of.