Exchange store

Hi guys! (excuse my english, it’s not my native language)

I realy like this game but something make me sick, it’s the reward system. I have a problem with items. Some of them are very hard to earn… and some of them, i got litterally THOUSANDS

Can you make something like a exchange store to trade some items? It will be helpfull to improve our heroes? I think it can be a good idea, but what you do think of it?


I agree, if theres an inventary section, were you can see all the stuff you earn in missions, and sell it as well, that would help us to get some extra bucks to lvl up heroes habilities! (Bad english here too)

Yeah this has been brought up lots of times. Basically it would destroy the economy of the game, or something like that. There’s a handy-dandy search bar at the top of the page to go find some of these discussions.

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What DAN said (thanks DAN.) We have no plans for an exchange store. We appreciate the suggestion, though!

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