Trading System

Should we have a trading system?

This would only include bucks, gold, gear, and gems. Anything else such as heroes, fragments, war tokens, crate tokens, stamina, etc. would not be included as I don’t think it would be fair personally. Just keeping it simple.

Does anyone else agree with me? Comment your thoughts :slight_smile:

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I think a trading system would be amazing; but there would have to be a lot of rules behind it so people don’t take advantage of it and stock up. Maybe something like you can only trade with in your alliance and with the someone who is the same team level. Just so people don’t take advantage but I would love to see it implemented.

People have alts would take advantage of this feature. So I disagree with it

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Resources would be sold for real money behind the scene.

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That sounds good to me lol

I can tell you right now, we won’t do a trading system. Sorry.


Horrible idea on many levels. MCOC had implemented a trading system and it was highly abused. They ended up reimbursing the players and removing the feature.

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Yeah, no, absolutely no, if this game would ever do something with trading it would ruin the game and it just doesn’t belong here

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I had to leave almost any game that has implemented a trading system. Real money buyers, farmers, scammers and cheaters started to fill every game.

You just gotta know who you’re dealing with. Played Star Wars force collection for over 4 years was a card trading game. People sold cards but also still used money to buy from the developers. So trading worked just fine

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Diablo 3 Auction House really made the game successful


I think a poll would be suitable for a thread like this. Personally, I don’t support the idea of trading, since Alliance Wars already controls the “market” for extra gear and valuables.

You can use the same logic with the world of Warcraft auction house plenty used real money to buy stuff or even trading

You can make a poll if you want, but we are not going to be implementing a trade system. War Coin conversion is the best you can hope for. We will not implement any kind of trading system between accounts, Alliances, or players, in any way, shape, or form.


Anyone ever play Racing Rivals? If so then you know what the black market and trading did to that game. If you didn’t play it, it didn’t turn out so well