Introduce A Bartering Feature For PVP

I would like for you guys to consider introducing a feature that allows players to barter or trade certain items (gems, cash, gold etc) for PVP. Or simply just barter the said items through an individual channel . I have alot of Gold items I dont need that I can barter/trade for more useful items @muninn @NyrisWintersteel

This trading system has been suggested multiple times ago. But the idea itself, it is a dope idea to trade unnecessary items for useful items.

I am not a dev :joy:


shh…they don’t need to know. :laughing:

Lmfao @NyrisWintersteel I know but I’ve grown to respect you from the your intellectual point of views in most forums and assumed if I had your support maybe, just maybe the DEVS may consider my suggestion

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Thank you. Items trading and bartering system in this game can be a good idea in my opinion.

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Terrible idea for one reason only. People with more then 1 account


Well, we had the same problem with Hero Fragments and that was quickly rectified by introducing a daily limit. So rather than knocking a much needed feature why dont you suggest ways in which we can make it better or difficult for persons with multiple accounts

Well… a limit for trading, then :joy:

Trade/auction houses usually kinda suck.

Also the stuff you have 1000s of everyone has 1000s of. Everyone needs the exact same tedious to farm items. Rather just junk X items to get a higher grade version. 10 green boots = 1 bronze boot etc…


Why not a wagering pvp and a shop where you can buy all items or the basics of all items well over priced of course but with a random matching system so two accounts no problem cuz no way you can battle your 2nd account except by pure luck maybe. Random tho still in classes so not to be impossible. Possibly with random handicaps such as mechanicals def x1.2 and so on idk sounds good