Is the prophet crate worth it?

been thinking if i should spen the gold on this crate. is it worth it?

If ur only getting it for prophet then sure go to it, but if ur doing it to get more heroes then no. Wait for the Artemis crate instead, if i remember correctly the Artemis crate is 1200.

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Absolutely yes. They are one of the cases with the highest gold / frag value. But DO NOT do it for PROPHET … the odds are still low :wink:

No. You wont get prophet.

This is not true, the 7* crates are all 1500 gold for 10x openings. You are also not guaranteed prophet, but it is the cheapest way to get hero frags to upgrade your whole roster

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yeah i dont really want prophet. just hopefully new heroes and frags. so u think its wortth it?

well since their all the same amount, if u want brogan or artemis more then wait for their crate since u have higher chance of getting them

There likely won’t be a brogan or artemis crate as their faction isn’t boosted this month. Prophet is in Rangers which is this month’s bonus faction with Marlowe being released. Regarding if it is worth it @vGlitchy1 I would say 100% yes buy as many tiers as you can, a lot of older players buy the first 3 tiers because you get the 4th for free. That is 5700 gold but the first 2 tiers are 1500 each so you are saving a lot of gold to upgrade your whole roster or even unlock some new heroes if you’re a newer player. Every time you see these crates you should buy them, they are the best value in the game.


if i were u i’d play as many hard missions as possible (25 gold each mission) and get that 5k plus gold

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alright thanks man. ill buy it then

No… , No…Don’t say this buddy , I was hoping for the Brogan and Artemis Crate . Also last time the cost for Artemis Crate was less , maybe 1200 gold . So I have fingers crossed that we also have Brogan and Artemis Crate after this …

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I am not sure where you got 1200 from because you are misinformed. Every 7* crate is 1500 gold and that is standard. It has never been 1200.

I remember very well , Last time Heimlock was up for sale at 1500 Gold , I really wanted him but didn’t have enough gold to buy him , then Brogan or Artemis Crate came and I am pretty sure it was 1200 or 1300 gold but not 1500 gold like Prophet Crate.

You are confusing these crates with a different type of crate, those were called super hero crates. They don’t exist anymore, heim lock was released a long time ago. All 7* crates are standard at 1500 gold each now and that’s how it’s been for the last year.

I am referring to a 7* Hero Crates that were released during the last week of December 2019 and First Week of January. Regarding Heimlock he was available around that time in Special Offers at 1500 Gold just like Maven is for 900 Gold . Again I have really sure I have bought the Artemis / Brogan Crate at less than 1500 Gold , I just don’t have the proof, maybe the developers can give some more insight on this …

I have recollection of a crate for 1200 gold but I am pretty sure those aren’t the 7* crates.

i havent bought it yet so ill just wait and see

Take a look at what heroes you want and check if they’re in the Prophet Crate. It’s a good value at nearly half the price of a Hero Crate 10-pack.

The Brogan Crate from a few months ago may have been 1,349 gold if I remember correctly.