Halloween crate—buyer beware

The crate clearly guarantees the 3 frag types, but it only gives one. This is not a glitch but intended to mislead based on the Hothead support individual’s response. Is this an isolated event or a pattern that’s starting to develop?

The big question is, what are voodoo donuts anyway?

Joke aside: I see the problem with how this is presented but somehow I never saw the problem before you pointed it out. I always expected to get either blue, green or orange frags.

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Inform yourself before buying…

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How do you guys have SEVEN MILLION BUCKS?

That’s like 3 days of not having a hero to upgrade. I found myself with 13 million some weeks ago when I couldn’t decide who to spend the bucks on.

Just bought four in the pumpkin store :wink:

And as my dad said…Always have some cash left for emergencys :grin:


I’ve ALREADY used up my emergency cash!!!

Do you know what voodoo donuts are?


This is what google gives me


Problem being that a guarantee is just that. Throughout game when you see the guarantee that means you get what is advertised as guaranteed. Proof?

You get both anvil AND operator frags, not 1 or the other. This is explicit, not just implied, from this screen. I’m aware of the 2nd screen listing probabilities; but there would be no need to tap the “i” to verify probabilities because if you’ve ever purchased tiered crates you know that when “GUARANTEED!” is there you know that’s what you’re getting.

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Understandable. But with my response to someone below about tiered crates, you get everything guaranteed, not just 1 of the 2, 3, or 4 items listed as guaranteed. Not ok to change the meaning of the word guaranteed, or dynamics of the game in an isolated event. Of course now that I know this is how Hothead rolls, I’m a better educated consumer and consequently my consumption going forward is likely to be nonexistent esp. when talking about real money. Thank you for responding.

Not the best wording I agree, but as I showed, you were able to figure it out with an extra click.

Did you expect to get only the 5* and 7* heroes out of it too? Because the 3* heroes aren’t listed at the first screen.

@Wallewu, OP is correct, the front page of the crate clearly states that each element frags are guaranteed. The Open button is also situated on the same page. That is deception.

Your point that the 5 and 7 star heroes are not an expected drop is irrelevant because there are no words in bold screaming “GUARANTEED” above their icons, unlike the elemental frags.

It tricked me and I bought it ending up with 60 Panzer frags and 30 Mech frags. I was gutted and felt duped.

They were trying to convey ONE of the elemental types is guaranteed. They could have probably done it better, but it’s just the quick initial view. Having a new icon with all three elemental types would have probably solved the issue. Otherwise how would they quickly show with icons one of the three elemental frags is guaranteed?

Also, it says 30-60 fragments… obviously there is a chance involved and you aren’t guaranteed 30 or 60 since that’s a direct conflict. I don’t see people complaining about that though?

Furthermore, getting 90-180 elemental frags on top of a hero for 349 gold would be pretty nuts. If you are familiar at all with HotHead’s value of hero frags, you know it’s usually in the 5-10 gold per 1 hero frag. This would be less than 3 gold for the worst draws and each hero frag would be costing less than 2 gold for the best.

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Had a few in my alaicen who expected all 3 and were disappointed. I can understand what they were going for after clicking on the info button, but yes it is quite misleading.

Rule of thumb: Always click on the info to see how many pulls you get, drop rates in each pull, and the teir values (if any).

No. Nobody expected that. That’s the point. The heroes available were presented clearly. The information on the frags simply wasn’t conveyed accurately and clearly.

The issue isn’t that they’re the only ones listed, it’s that in EVERY other case where a reward is labeled “Guaranteed”, it has meant something other than what it meant this time. I and everyone else understand that you’re one click away from seeing the actual drop information, but the way the information was presented was deceptive, intentionally or not.

Everyone should obviously check crate info before buying anything, but the fact that the crate info contradicts what the main screen says is misleading when the “guaranteed” term has already been established to mean something else than it did in this case.

I didn’t even buy any because the deal sucks but I can still recognize how unclear it was.

But in the overview screen only the 5* and 7* heroes are shown, but none of the 3* heroes, indicating that there are only them avaliable. That is also misleading, but nobody is complaining about that. So I guess everyone looked up if there are others avaliable too and that way should have seen the 33.3% chance for frags.

As I said before, the wording is missleading, but if you do not take a close look on the deal it is partly your fault too. If you see a credit with an amzing loan or an awsomely cheap mobile contract you take, or at least should take, a closer look and do not buy it without a second thought. If it looks to good to be tru, it propably is not true.

Haha my friend Nyriswintersteel (VIP 0) had 35mil+ cash at one point :porg:.

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Precedent matters. Is there any crate in this game that shows only 5 or 7 star heroes that only gives you those heroes. Answer is no. It is always known that a particular character is not guaranteed unless the word “guaranteed” is clearly shown. There has been no exception that I’ve seen since starting this game in April. For example, the Brogan crate told you how many of his frags you may get. Now, has any crate guaranteed an item or frag but not delivered that item? Until this Halloween crate the answer was no. It is deceptive to change the way you do business when considerable precedent has been set.
I believe you’ve conceded it wasn’t clear. So as a business owner if you make something unclear in your ad, what do you do? If you’re ethical you do the right thing, acknowledge to your customer your error and either refund money or honor what you mistakenly advertised. If you’re not ethical you do nothing and maybe even blame the customer. Generally not a sound business model. Surely you’d agree???

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