Way too much hate

I feel like this game is getting way too much hate recently… I don’t just see it with hero hunters either, I see it with tons of triple A games, (Rainbow 6 siege is my personal example) and I feel like a lot of it drags down the experience with the game… I know I can’t force people to be patient but I do hope that people realize that things are changing, HH was not managed well under HotHead and I see a definite improvement with how Deca does things, but that’s just how I feel…


Some people just look to the negatives; they see a glass half empty and not half full…

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I don’t think the game has any problems. There is just no one to listen to the requests of the players

That’s literally bullseye job, he’s like the communication guy, talks with everyone in discord, makes the forum posts, is the coolest guy ever, and LISTENS, unlike hothead who just chat banned you for saying “hi”

Exactly :grin: He’s a great dude and makes us feel like Deca is listening

In the beginning. I was positive and hopeful even going as far as defending them on this very forum. I was seeing things that i liked and the future of HH looked promising. I had high hopes that deca would take this game to the next level and bring me many more years of playing. Sadly thats not the case. Deca has actually pushed us back. Way back even.
Now. Its different. What im seeing doesnt look positive. What im seeing looks like deca doesnt have a handle yet and its been way to long to justify their performance so far. I can even say their actions look like their going to do what ive seen them do in the past. Take the money and run. Many veterans have bounced because of these very reasons. Players ive played with for years. Once strong alliances struggling to just keep and active roster and hold on. If you saw what im seeing you would feel the same way.
Its not about being positive or negative. Its about making an opinion based off what we see. Everyone will see things differently and the way it looks to me is very grim. Its just that simple.
So for now ill keep my top 5 bounty crew going. Stay competitive and hold on in hopes that this amazing game will get back to normal very soon. If or when that happens. I hope there will still be a community worth coming back to.
Once again. What i see shows me different.


It was a good essay tho :sob::sob: damn

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Has deca ever accepted anyone’s request or are we just voicing our wishes?

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:skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: you might be right

I put in multiple suggestion, plus we have had hero collaborations haven’t we?

Please let me know if those suggestions work out. Doubt it though. So far ive seen zero community suggestion or needs met.
As for the hero collaborations i believe it was a HHG situation. Not a deca one. Out of the few hero releases in many months i dont remember deca ever releasing a new hero post with a player collaboration in it. Like HHG did. I could be wrong but i see no evidence that deca has ever had a player collaboration in any of the new heros they have released.
Hope the info helps.

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true, the only hero collab was only with HHG. That hasn’t happened with DECA. But they did release their first hero, which is Barrel. When they had the Q&A, they heard the voices and suggestions. It’s not something that can be done overnight but will take time. The big priority right now is more towards fixing the bugs and having the game run smoother whilst setting things up for updates.

not every suggestion makes it though. Saw lots of hero ideas and skin ideas be made but not everything can make it.

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The truth is that deca sees our requests but does not give an answer. Maybe they try to implement them at the right time.

And it’s a good one. He is not wrong at all.

Reviving old heroes is a thing they are working on hard. So far the changes to older heroes have dragged them out of the pit directly back into the team. As a person who test heroes and setups all day i can say they are on the right track with this. They’ve even touched and nerfed a hero that could have made them a lot of easy money, but instead they chose to listen to us and changed them to fit in for the balance.
On additional note, new events are coming like we wished, i and quite a few others have wished cor harder raids. That is exactly what comes in a week.
Like you said, the grip on the handle is not good. But they push it into the right direction. It is just the gamble that it won’t turn out worse.
So far i see lots of new players dropping in, and they seem inclined on staying. There are definitely tweaks we need. But it’s purely about surviving the catastrophe now for a much brighter future


I could not agree more! :100::100::100:

Players just need to be patient, there are slight noticeable changes right now. There are still a few “bugs,” to be worked out. But that should go without saying! If anyone want to msg me in game then see me at Deathsquad058. Especially if your one of the new members say around level 40-60 and you just dont see the game going anywhere, trust me, it takes time, but things get better.

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