Broken Heroes

Hey guys…I am starting this thread to illustrate the names of broken and weak heroes.
If you have any name, please post here.
I found Gammond and Hivemind - the weakest of all if compared by keeping all variables (level, star, power,badge) constatnt.

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Gammond has been nerfed but I think he’s still good. Hivemind is super dangerous if he can get his drones out! I don’t agree that these two are broken. Kunoichi is broken.

Hivemind is BRUTAL for PvE. He is just no good for PvP because most players are smart to burst him down before he becomes a threat.

But yeh, poor Gammond is a shadow of his old self

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Well.Let me clarify i was talking about the PvP only.
In PvP both can’t stay longer.

Right now, I would say Nightingale is a bit broken. With the health and healing boost she received in the past update, she can effectively heal the rest of her team, and tank as much damage as some tank heroes

Also, having just gotten Bolt to plat, I believe that he can use a damage boost of sorts. Either increase the damage of his basic attack, or increase the proc chance for his silver and gold skills, since those are to low to be counted on consistently. His silver has a less than one in three chance of proccing, and his gold is one in five. Plus the bonus headshot damage is pitiful

I don’t think every single hero has to perform greatly on PvP. Just like there are heroes that are not that good for PvE (like Flatline)

The problem comes when a hero has no use besides the patrol system

Though the devs have been pretty good recently at making useless heroes useful. Phoenix, Elite Rifleman, Castellan(he still needs a little work though), and even Butter and Galante have started to earn their place. There’s still a select few that need help however, and Bolt is one of them in my opinion. I just got him to plat, and his silver, gold, and Plat all need a rework. He is capable of massive damage, especially burst damage with his bronze, but you can’t depend on his silver or gold to do consistent damage, and his plat armor bonus is pitiful. As far as weak heroes go, I feel like he is the one most in need of a buff

“You looking at me?”


(adding extra sentence because of the rules)

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. We are always looking at improving heroes. Specifics help us the most!

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you have to pair hivemind with Halo, so every second per each leech drone will cause about 12k dmg a second x3 if your RNG is good for hitting the 50% chance to proc from Halo Plat.

As I’ve posted before matador’s been about useless for awhile, his damage is just pathetic.

I tend to agree with this sentiment…but it’s just that for a game with 60 heroes, there are far, far, far too few that are really viable in PvP. If PvP and PvE are the only two applications, shouldn’t like AT LEAST 30 be good options in the PvP arena? Probably more considering how little PvE content there really is? Just my $.02 as far as ranking goes (at least for the current meta):

Top Tier PvP - all of these could be considered “broken” because they are so much better than all the other heroes. They all could probably use small nerfs to bring them back to the pack but I also wouldn’t mind just buffing some other options to make them more on par with these PvP gods. Some adjustments to the Health and Healing/Role Warfare update is needed too.

  • Panzer: Tanky, high burst DPS, cover-breaker. She’s awesome and a must-have for PvP
  • Dogface: Second best DPS hero and the only other burst damage option. Another must-have.
  • Nightingale: Spams healing at breakneck speed and at Platinum reinforces it with an “always on” healing supplement. Best dedicated healer in the game right now and a key part of creating that impenetrable Heal Wall.
  • Heimlock: Another great healing option that adds front-end and back-end surviveability to the whole team
  • Caine: Sheilds, sheilds, sheilds. Provides so much protection for the team and adds in some offensive support help at Platinum.
  • Ifrit: Hate this guy and resent that I have to use him in my loadout but that’s the current state of the game. Super utility with a passive ressurection skill, an OP enemy disruption skill in Showtime, plus healing. Not easy to take-down either since the only burst DPS options are Mechanical.
  • Mandrake: His team invisibility will always be a useful PvP skill

Second Tier PvP - these guys are still excellent choices, just not quiiiiiite as all powerful as the above.

  • Razorback: Super-tanky with some disruptive skills that can really mess with enemy AI. His damage right now seems a little light though.
  • Moss: A really nice healing option that would be better if his skills charged a little faster and he could heal himself to some degree beyond the occasional Life Tap. But overall, has four useful skills in his kit and is a good option after Heimlock and Gale.
  • Flatline: Some will argue she’s top tier but for me, she’s really only super useful when paired with Ifrit to create an obnoxiously oppressive resurrection circle-jerk. As an energy hero who is super-squishy, she’s too easy to burst down with Panzer and Dog to be considered top-tier. But she’s close.
  • Odachi: Hesitate to put him in here but he’s probably the best DPS option for Bio heroes and can really do some work if left alone. Can heal himself to some degree but is pretty squishy so he’s kinda borderline at this level.

That’s 11 heroes that I think everyone should be leveling up for serious PvP play. You could do just fine in PvP events with only these heroes. There are some others that I think are useful in certain situations (low level farming, really great synergistic comps, or at least not so terrible that they are a liability when paired with some of the above heroes). I’d throw Maven, Phalanx, Clyde, Halo, Cinder, Cast, Hivemind, Sentry, Keel, Hardscope, Operator, Oracle, Hideo, and Prophet into this group. So that’s another 14 but realistically, all of these guys are sooooooooo far behind the best PvP options that you are really only using them if you run out of hearts and need to back fill or you just don’t have all the best options unlocked yet. They aren’t useless but they ain’t no great shakes either. Pretty much everyone else is hot trash and you’ll almost never see any of them in a regular PvP rotation. That’s over half the roster.

I’m also looking at this from a high power level POV. At lower levels, there are plenty of guys you can win that aren’t totally useless like Mauler, Yanglong, etc but they just don’t scale well into the top tiers of play.

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Problem is if you are running a team that includes both Hivemind and Halo, chances are you don’t have enough other healing or DPS to hang with the current meta teams. You’ll get absolutely shredded by healing/shielding comp built around either Panzer or Dogface.

I agree with all of this. Their’s a clear distinction between the “top” PVP heroes, and then everyone else.

I will add my vote to Matador being broken. He is a tank character with little else in the way of utility. He doesn’t have a decent taunt to really make use of his health and armor. Two of his four skills revolve around his non-existent dmg and getting a killing blow. Also, his heal is absolutely pathetic.

He either needs his DPS boosted so he can actually shield a target once in awhile, or the skill needs to be changed. Also, his platinum needs to be reworked at give the bonus to the whole team.

Gammond is also pretty mediocre now. I think Clyde is way too reliant on luck with his skills. Maven, Clyde, Odachi, and Sentry could all be great DPS in PVP if they would have gotten more of a health boost so they don’t die within the first 5 seconds of a match starting.

I’m still hoping for some skills to be reworked/tweaked, especially plat skills. Matador, Operater, Bolt, Oro, Heckler, and Cross could all use buffs to their Plat skills in my opinion, since just about all of their plat skills have counterparts that a far superior to their own

Cast, he had good health, a silence and a stun, but no damage and no use beyond a 5* gold

His skills don’t scale in damage, so he will always be a bottom contributor

I think a lot of the “mediocre” heroes that don’t see much use in PvP are a direct result of the Star system we have. Obviously there are some heroes that are inherently weaker because another hero does the same thing but better (Operator vs every other healers), but heroes like @FourFingers listed such as Clyde, Cast, Keel, etc. all have really good abilities that would allow them to thrive in certain comps IF they were on par with the easier heroes to star up.

For example, Dogface was probably the most consistent hero to star up while playing the game…30 shards every day at Vip 10 He was my first hero at 10 stars and was/still kind of is my main damage dealer. On the other hand, an alliance member of mine has a 10 star platinum 2 Ronin that absolutely has been destroying during this morlocks month in PvP. Since his shards are not that easy to access not to many people have focused on him or stared him up high as some others. I think this may be the case for a lot of heroes we dont see too often as the game continues to progress and more players start to have the “weaker” heroes at high stars.

Most of the team comps the first few months consisted of 3 core heroes that almost every team ran. Mandrake, Gammond, and dogface. This was entirely because of how easy it was to farm their shards coupled with some skills that were stronger then other heroes that could be farmed. Now, I’ve started to see special heroes that people have focused on that have been regarded as “weaker” picks that the player has taken to 9-10 stars. Some of the unique heroes I have seen in recent months of people placing in the top 100 of tournament are a 9* hardscope, 7* oro, 9* ghoul (before this month) 10* hideo, and so on.

I hope the coming months brings new variety as players start to focus on lesser played heroes and actually find out they are not that bad.

You’re probably right at some points, but let’s tske Hardscope for an example.

His bronze silver and plat skills are good, no complaints, but his gold, he needs 6 second outside of cover, which is impossible, 6 seconds is so much, in the mean time his cover is broken and if you auto him he rolls around and will never use his gold skill.

Even when I play him manually in a dojo his damage isn’t even close to that of dogface, a stagger or anything will make him lose his gold buff.

I have him at a 9* platinum, I think he’s fun, has some great passive healing once the drone is up, but damage wise he’s a treath to your own team instead of the opponent.

With all these heal walls it’s saver to use a Clyde, dogface, odachi or panzer

In current compositions, he may not be the best. Maybe with the right heroes you get to utilize him at his strongest. Throw a taunt on the team and a vanguard shield on him to make him soak up any damage he may take and boom, hes a great hero.

Maybe you don’t utilize him as your main source of damage and run a duo carry team where the enemy is forced to focus the other damage before him.

Getting the stars up is one thing, but finding a situation where you can get the maximum amount of use out of a hero may require other heroes to do so, hence why i said as we get further into the game more compositions will be made that allows these heroes to truly shine.

(Personally I’d love to try a crit team with Mauler and Moss but it wouldnt work until they were all at platinum)