Favorite portraits/hero’s

What about adding a top 3 of favorite portraits and heroes, just so other players can see what player you are like, for example a star on 3 of your marked heroes and on portraits, they will show up first, or what else could be done instead is to add 3 portraits with a short summary of why you have chosen them, for example i choose a portrait of shank his black belt skin, with as caption that he is my favorite hero by looks because of this specific skin and everyone who clicks on the portrait sees it,

Let me know what you think!


I like this idea. Never fun scrolling through to find a specific portrait/hero all the time lol. Pls add this HH :).


I have a few 1st place pvp portraits that I am proud of, also the community clash award I have. Always a proud member of the community


Favoriting heros and/or portraits…good idea…ive said many times it would make life easier…

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