Feedback: Came back after a VERY long time

I was an end game player, 1295 days in with the power of 1,715,115, Deca took over, the game got a bit buggy I quit for some time and I checked in every two weeks or so to see how the game is doing. This review I write as objective as possible, so, please rethink before taking my review from a certain perspective.

The concept of the game was extremely fun, since DECA owns the IP now idk what blocks them from making a HH2?

The elements that this game suffer from are visible:
-Repetitive content and UI issues.
-Just checked in, tons of bugs still, my messages do not load, and WAR
-Hero balancing (certain heroes can wipe out majority of the cast).
-Late catchups to fixes that players suggest, like universal frags should include ALL the elements. Imo the fix was way too late.
-Non featured crates always have the same chances for the heroes… they have lost their value over time.
-Gilded event is a myth now, same here they lost their value.
-In stores, idk why we still lack bulk purchases? If we have x10 of the same item available, we have to click 10 times and confirm it 10 times…
-Same Fiber, Hideo… etc. frag reward in War for years! Seriously?
-Same methods of obtaining new heroes repeatedly.
-Skin crates are just useless, I have never obtained any valuable skin through them.
-End game the stores offer little to no value to exchange currencies into items, especially Gauntlet. Like guys, again, it has been YEARS we see the same screen!
-BGM is just the same, nothing interesting going on.
-Same daily missions same daily login rewards… Sentry and Kunoichi until when will I get there two’s frags?!
-Staggering difference between F2P and P2P in daily bonuses, caps and refills.
-When I see a game like this with massive potential suffering this way and gets updates so slowly, and see a game like “Dislyte” doing massive quality of life updates EVERY single month, made me question if I continue playing the game or not.
-Same drop rates from quick playing missions… I get it, it is a grind but no features missions? x2 drops? Nothing?
-As hard as to say this, but I am glad I stopped playing this game. Because there was/is literally nothing in this game to actively do except expecting some hero panels going red and adding bars to them.
-I hope the devs find a way out from this Twin Peaks’ loop and make a new, fun, engaging game as a sequel to this one.
-If you have made it this far, thank you for taking time and read my feedback. Nothing but love to all the players and DECA devs.


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