Dream Patch-note Wishlist

Hello Dear Deca staff, and fellow HH veterans,

I go by the name “Valkyrie Son” in game. This is by far the game I have played the most, keep in mind generally I dislike mobile games, but here goes my account reaching 852 days old!

I know most of the veterans support the game by all the means, that being the case, I am shocked that some quality of life changes are never practically applied (maybe not even considered). So here is my wishlist for what changes I would love to see in the game:

Exp Cap: decrease between level 90~100, it has been 4 months since I have hit level 95, and still 96 (170290/180000), which is crazy time consuming considering I play the game almost daily!

Map fixes: there are a lot of spots that just block any shots fired from your gun, which is really weird considering it is a shooter game. I believe no changes should be made when this issue exists.

MK6 cores: still being extremely rare, which kills the fun of rubying a hero so you know their potential… last time I missed an event and also missed x3 MK6 frags with it because I was moving my house. No mk6 for a long time and only giving a two week window to take em is a bit strange.

Outfits: there are some really beautiful outfits out there! I love most of the skins, but sadly again, short time to get them, even though I have played in every single skin event possible, the RNG was mostly not by my side. I think all skins should be available to buy if we have he resources! We need more outfits with changing ability behavior too, it was super fun to have! Added a lot of utility to a hero directly.

Rebalance Nerf: this two hero changes every season is kinda snail paced in a game with 125 heroes and more to come! I believe maybe by far 20~30 of them are balanced! Rest is either extremely weak, and few extremely strong. Stygia needs a nerf hammer, so does several other heroes, including Verril, Kreiger, Fiber, Kurtz… etc. Their matchup is extremely dry, and leave no room for creativity except having some very specific counter picks against them, otherwise you die in a second or they never die.

Rebalance Buff: many heroes leave you questioning their existence, let alone upgrading them. Barricade, Operator, Yanlong, Callidus, Commando, Salvatore, Icebox, Baron, Striker, Xianju, Ryker, Vanguard, Scum, Fortress, Cast, Klayton, Cross, Yeager, Oro, Slurp, Savage, Revenant, Steele, Brogan, Clyde, Dreadnought… etc. on top of my head need massive buffs, I barely or never see these heroes in PVP unless it is AI! The game needs a rebalance overhaul to give it some flavor, so people spend their resources, and possibly buy materials from your shop to catchup testing out and upgrade most of them. This two minor buffs per season does not change the meta, does not deplete resources, and most certainly adds very small to no flavor to the game.

Heronium Store: Every day checking in just to press x10 frags for 500 Heronium six times for 800 days and confirming with 'BUY 10" every time is a bit too much. I use it daily and still 250k Heronium is stacked, the limit should be increased vastly and have a better UI. Maybe also add Astral and Void fragments.

Gauntlet Store: Honestly, this store seems off to me, three hero options with x5 frags? x50 Hero XP? Maybe it is just me, way too trivial of a reward to bother with. Sorry I know my language seems a bit hard, but just want to give it to you straight without beating around the bush.

PVP Store: Frag limit increase: x3 and x5 frag options just not working in this vast game.

Gilded Event: I know a LOT of people are asking for this one, it was one of the best events we had in the past, made us play PVP more and be more resourceful with our Gilded Tokens, since they had so much value… right now? It does not feel anywhere near rewarding as it was in the past.

MW Crate: Specialty Tokens should be either x10 or be removed as a drop from this crate, idk if that lies under the category of “most wanted”, maybe replace with MK6 cores?!

Gorgon Wakes: I do not remember when was the last time I played this co-op mode! Insanely tedious, repetitive and time consuming for almost little to no reward. We should be able to skip it like solo-raids, or have way better rewards.

PVP Brackets: Legendary bracket should be added, and rewards need an overhaul… most our heroes are maxed, and back to the point of rebalancing, the rewards are not much! Since, most heroes are weak… I find it hard to be very competitive on the given rewards, since at the end of the day, most heroes are just collecting dust.

Daily Quests: Complete Tapjoy offer, watch a video for Gold are the must go away two. Switch with maybe play a co-op PVP match for exp reward, and maybe finish three extreme mode missions with EXP reward?

Universal Fragments: The name lost its meaning overtime, with the introduction of Astral and Void these are no longer “universal”! I hope you make it available to upgrade Astral and Void heroes with it.

Level UP: level-uping new heroes need a better UI, just picking what level we need them to be and the resources needed for it like a calculator would be perfect, instead of pressing the same button 90 times to get them to level 90. These are very specific details, but quality of life changes.

Ruby Tier: “TANKED UP” seems the most underwhelming of them all, considering how well the other ruby tier classes massively buff a hero, this one is just not worth it. For example, if an Energy Tank would get elemental resistance for Mech damage, tha’d be a solid “Tank” by all the means, plus, since covers are so easily destroyed anyways, the damage bonus to covers are a bit excess and not needed in my opinion. Maybe penetrate covers for a fraction of the damage they deal to covers would be good.

Faction: Teraventa: They received no bonus damage in any bounty so far, maybe not the whole faction but slip in some Teraventa heroes while the bounty events are active so (again) we care to level them? So far, the only practical ones I see worth leveling are Kyoshi, and Venom.

Hero synergy: some hero groups have massive potential working together (Kreiger/Halo, Shivs/Shank), I would love to see more of this synergy added to the current heroes we have.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading this long post, and sorry if I have bored you.

Much love and respect for you all,

Valkyrie Son


You got some good points in here but a few I think you are wrong about. Hero balancing is extremely tricky as you forget that 90% players are below level 90. There’s a reason why Ryker was the number one rated hero out of all of them, at the low end these heroes that you don’t see as viable at end game are very well balanced.

I also believe the EXP gape from 90-100 is exactly how it should be, it is meant to be hard to get to the very end of the game. If it were ways you would honestly find yourself getting bored and quitting. Believe me many veterans like myself have stopped playing as there’s little left to do, most the players I played with at the top also no longe replay or barely play at all. If you still have daily EXP to grind then you log in daily, if you reach level 100 too fast then you lose the reason to log in.

I do believe the daily missions need upgrading big time, they have been the same for years.

Gorgon wakes I fine how it is, you can QW any coop mission and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, it was upgraded not long ago with an elemental mech at the end, additional heroes in each wave and the GW crate

PVP maps are still broken from what I see and agreed need fixing, same regarding coop pvp matchmaking.

Stores indeed need a massive overhaul still.

  • Some I agree, some I don’t. I’m level 94 and have about 20k to go and while it is taking forever, I think it would take away from the game to make it easier. Remember this game is free to play but the devs don’t work for free, buy some stamina if you’re in a big rush.
  • Nerfing heroes I disagree including Stygia. Only issue I’ve seen with her that you live and die by is that sometimes you can continually spam her silver with no delay allowing you to stun an opponent’s entire team. Add a delay in her silver if you must make an adjustment. The rest of the heroes you named, while I’m not dealing with rubies…or very rarely I have no issue dealing with those heroes 80-90% of the time.
  • Yeah they could make some of the other heroes a little more useful but as for the Teraventa heroes, they were underwhelming in Forged Fantasy, I would expect no less here. Outside of Kyoshi on a lighting team and maybe Venom for her healing they are meh. I leave most for low level pvp auto farming.
  • MW Crate…in what world are about a third of those heroes most wanted…so yeah I agree. Yes, I’m so excited to get Yeager/Yanlong or any other ‘archived’ hero from a “most wanted” crate said no one ever lol. Gilded crate is mostly lack luster too once you have the heroes, updating a little bit would be nice.
  • PvP brackets - legendary definitely needs to be broken up - preferably 3 tiers with the ever growing power of heroes.
  • I’m fine with gorgon though receiving an alert for 99+ for lvl90+ makes me wonder if there was supposed to be another difficulty level.
  • Skins - would be nice to have other chances or offers, dailies - leave but add an extra option or two would be fun. Universal…think maybe two different types but making the astral/void tougher to acquire but still accessible.

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