Feedback after 1252 days

This category is called Feedback and Ideas and so I would like to give my feedback after 1252 days.

HHG You have to watch out, otherwise the game will run aground like the container ship in the Suez Canal. More and more very good players are quitting because there is almost zero variety. The alliance war event is sucked down like a lollipop and is dominated by a lot of political deals or a few extremely strong allis. The rest gets what’s left.

Bounty is for many only monotonous autoplay to reach targets and milestones.

Extreme levels such as 5-8E are insurmountable for many players, even at very high levels, and block any progress without alternative.

The rewards have hardly increased in relation to the increasing investments or are far too small in my view - example the fragment event after the update.

The infiltration of the Forged heroes saves you development costs, but somehow only serves to increase the number of heroes.

Something new is missing! A whole new story. Complementary equipment that you can equip in reduced quantity and activate in the game, such as magazine expansion, shield, or shield blocker, or block the additional abilities of other enemies. Brings new stories with new playgrounds with aliens or zombies… whatever, but apart from unlocking the extreme level after 14 districted, nothing much really happened. The plus skins increase strength and look good, but only satisfy the collecting instinct in the short term and do little to change the stagnation in the long term.

The game needs to excite the players, not the other way around. If events feel like a waste of time it’s not the players fault. I really hope that you will come up with a really creative new idea and reanimate the game. Otherwise newbies will follow and the oldtimers like me will continue to think more and more about quitting completely.


Totally agree, if nothing there could be done a lot to make existing game modes more interesting.


I totally agree with you.

I suggested new ideas too, the game need’s that.

Need new story with new levels, including new influencer heroes like serial and kurtz are, and why not make a special events for give a chance to all players for win all rare and plus skin to not available on crates?

And some many kind of events, new ways to play the game…


I see some good statements here. Even though i love everything about this game. I can say that i agree on most of these statements. Something fresh needs to happen. I genuinely love the streams. And other tinies. But lately we are missing out. On things such as danger sim. Celebrations. Big events like the anticipation for MK2. A continuation of the storyline/Alternate storyline.

I have one thing that is super big. But would likely instantly revive the game. And that is more advanced heroes Heroes are rather basic nowadays. 2 Active skills and 3 Passive skills. A large % of the Heroes barely have any variation.

Let’s have serial for example. Serial is simple. Just shoot. Charge shields. And then deal as much damage as possible. There’s no strategy or variation with it

Krieger as second example. PERFECT. Why?? He has variation. Different playstyles. Different ways of using him, couple of examples:
Ability booster: use him with heroes that trigger his passive damage. There are dozens of heroes who pair well with him simply just because of this.
Mark Passive: use anyone that marks. Their damage against their marked target will increase tremendously. This also has a second part. You can buff krieger himself. Which is where we can have chesterfield for example. A hero barely used. He shoots his flare and he overpowers Krieger his weapon.
Starfall build: use heroes that boost ability charge speed. Maybe Halo/Kiyo for some extra damage. Use some tanks you control until you charge it
Fire Rate build: Use duran and Surge/Commander to boost his fire rate. Reload rate. And in general make him a beast. Hell, maybe even combo it with chesterfield

Notice how i tell a LOT more about him. There is just so more depth to his kit. And this is something i would like to see in more heroes
A good solution to this is to do a complete rework of some heroes every month. Make a poll. Couple of heroes in it. Make us vote and see the result(s)
Under that poll a section will be with lots and lots of cool idea’s to make a hero more interesting.
Put down a couple of offers for people to buy. I’m sure when you make something interesting out of a hero you will be able to make money out of it. Just don’t let it be a requirement to buy them. This loses interest. Currently this is done well with -5 star heroes.

This community is super smart and creative and just listening to them can improve that morale for the game by so much! Because that’s what we are missing out on!

On the events topic. Just putting through a repeating event every time is not the way to go.
We need to get excited for it. Give it some good rewards.
Mk2 event was a great example. Lots of build up excitement to it (hero was not that great) but that is not important. People were excited for that update. Our community was on full motion to solve the riddles and secret messages and find clues.
Mk2 himself was the only bummer to this event though. He is not good. He has a really cool kit (A NUKE) and a neat trick. Which is his anti stagger. Which is unique and it gives more reason to buy him. But he us just underwhelming. We can’t use him. He is nowhere viable. Simply because he lacks depth and he doesn’t excel at something. Getting a hero is cool. But using it is even cooler!

What would also be great to have is something we can grind for. The whole month. There are only limited time events. How about an event like danger simulator. Which stays the whole month. Has a set of rewards across a wider gap (say level 5-20-35-55-70-75-80-90-100) after that it will go on repeat and give some small rewards (like bucks/skill points/skin tokens). Having this the whole month allows weaker players to build up power so that if they spend enough effort. They can also get what others get. It is important to make the grind equal for every level. Either if that is through events or new additions to the game. Keep people interested

On the topic of extreme being too hard. Extreme is a great addition. It’s a great game-mode for higher end players to have something they can still grind for. However. It is nearly impossible to pass some missions. Some missions are even unbeatable without the exact right team and some real luck. This is not bad. But it does stall and demotivate some players. Especially when a hero that is mandatory for some levels gets nerfed. Which makes it impossible to reach for other that try to catch up. Find a way either through keeping these heroes as they are or making heroes have special assets for extreme only. Since otherwise it can break all other fun things like pvp. Matching against someone who goes invincible at the very start is not fun. Then imagine what has to come to pass further missions. Keep an eye on that


I have a few ideas I think would be cool.

Solo and Co-op Raids using different campaign levels, as well as different rewards. For example, a raid somewhere in District 9 and one of the rewards could be a Vault Crate Token, but with a percent chance that is the same for all levels. And for lower levels, offer a percent chance to win, say, bronze fuel cells and silver throwing knives, and the higher levels have a percent chance to win fragments of Core MK 4 through 6.

Another idea could be an Alliance Boss/Stage to fight. For example, survive for 90 seconds fighting increasingly tougher enemies for Cash, Alliance Gems, and various Gear, all of which can hopefully correspond to how far in the game a player is.

Maybe we could also have a Game-wide Boss/Stage to fight. Same deal as Alliance Boss/Stage, but maybe have some sort of negative effect, and it will stay there until the players beat it. But there will probably be people who complain that the negative effect is too harsh.

Edit: after reading Robert’s post, I have another idea: Heroes who give other Heroes immunity to a specific crowd-control effect, or ALL of them. For a certain amount of time, of course. And this is different from Heimlock, Françoise, etc. They cure you of CC effects. I’m talking about NOT being able to get CC’d for a certain amount of time. We could have someone who gives out anti-stagger, or maybe anti-DoT, or anti-movement-reduction, or anti-root, or anti-lift.


A lot of the bigger personalities in the game left a long time ago. I remember talking to them and how they were hoping for newer game modes to keep them interested. Co-op PVP and Extreme Missions aren’t exactly new, rather reworked pre-existing game modes. I’m hoping for something fresh and exciting to be added…eventually.

I’d like to see a “town” type feature added to the game. You level up your buildings and get rewards for that overtime. A lot of other games have this sort of thing. I downloaded “Puzzles and Survival” and they do this very well. It can be overwhelming at first because there’s so much to work on…but there’s ALWAYS something to do. I’m basically asking to spend more time on Hero Hunters with this feature.

I don’t mind the addition of FF heroes, but the majority of them are behind a paywall now. I’m not sure when the last time the Gilded Crate was updated or when the last time there was a Gilded Crate exclusive hero (Pariah?) but now the Gilded Tokens pile up with nothing to spend them on.

Mythic Skins are a nice idea but with the drop rates so low, the majority of players will probably never acquire those skins. There are Rare Skins that haven’t been obtainable through Events so being able to grind for Mythic Skins seems like a long-shot anytime in the near future and that’s a shame for a game that used to prioritize grinding to keep up opposed to spending to keep up.

Stores should be updated. PvP, Gauntlet, all of those. Some Event rewards should be updated also; mainly both Alliance Blitz Events. And as someone who has almost all of his heroes 10 starred, PvP rewards don’t intrigue me to push in PvP. I used to place top 50 in earlier brackets, but there’s no reason to push in Legendary. Speaking of, Legendary is an overcrowded bracket and it has been for a while now.

I still enjoy the game but I mainly play leisurely these days. I can only see myself uninstalling if it continues down a spend-heavy path.


That’s the fundamental issue as to why HH has not struck a fascinating chord with me for a long while. If nothing is really switched up other than the same ol same ol, then it becomes hard to find a reason to keep playing, and encourages player retirement.

Fundamentally the game needs a new campaign with smaller events surrounding its release. Perhaps using pre-existing maps to create unique gamemodes with unique rewards, something which says “you haven’t seen this before”.

Either way, also as an old timer I’m finding less reasons to keep playing routinely. Stir up the pot and make some chaos.


The only thing that differs every month is what heroes you use in bounty and pvp. This is something that if it changed, I personally would log on a lot more than just at reset. There could even be something that was like a month long event every month. Month long min sim for example, then the next month maybe…a new event mode…the next month egg hunt. Etc. Just something to change up each month other than the heroes you use


100% agree with your thoughts bro…always the player’s mindset in that like you said…day by day it’s getting very boring and events are nearly same for every months…HHG is only trying to run the game but not try to improve the game…their job for a month is release the new hero…feature this new hero in all same events like previous month…nothing more interest to see in monthly calendar…even we can make the monthly calendar very easily…am 93rd level…very soon I will get Ruby…but am also want to leave the game untill they innovate new events…


You forgot than the un useful resources makes bigger and bigger ( herodium/ and all gems / all of coins ); the stores are not useful at all .
There’s no Rubi core frags for example :man_shrugging:t3:

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Hey, I wanted to say thanks for the feedback. While we are often looking at the forum for feedback and suggestions I wanted specifically reply and say we are passing this back and forth and discussing the suggestions. We want to keep things new and exciting so this feedback has sparked discussion.


Great ideas here, to make this game interesting again. Nothing more to say.


Wow!! Totally so much good feedback brought along here!! So much various replies with meaningful paragraphs and I have only read through a few of them and totally agree. One thing about a new storyline that I have is make one for each monthly update giving a broader back story of the new hero and will require a type of currency found from specific missions/events/crates that you need to use to progress through the back story (yes I know, the game has a lot of tokens feel free to add on by replying).

For another idea that I haven’t yet seen in the replies is make a tryout or training camp mechanism to test new heroes that you don’t have and play around with team comps letting ppl know who they want to star or Ruby to help them having a better winrate.

As for the alliance wars something to make a little more participation in it could be some changes to the sectors and set players up into an actual match with the defensive heroes(controled by system) and not by the percentages displayed and when all attacker here is die… the damage is kept there like when players do the gauntlet missions.


I agreed with you. I really got tired of doing the same cycle again and again, HH needs something new which we haven’t seen before. We really need new game modes instead of playing the same missions in easy, hard and extreme missions. I was about to retire after this season but my frds told me to play some more so I am gonna stay for a few more months, If we don’t have anything new I am just gonna retire. I really love HH it’s one of my favourite games but we need something new to continue playing. Fingers crossed. I will be waiting for something new and different.


I would play again if a new campaign and events surrounding it were added.

I suggested a while back that we had a campaign that was told from the KLG’s perspective. Instead of playing as Ryker, Nightingale, Butter, and the rest of the crew, maybe we could could play as characters like Beck, Steele, and more.


Recently, Urgent Mission let you play as Ursus and Carabina. I’m just curious what the distinction is between something like that and the District content you’ve been asking for. What’s different for you?


This game needs a deep clean and reworks. There are soo many issues in this game. Bounty hero gets immune, cannot damage bounty in the new uaf high tower map. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:


I would say it’s the objective; what the player is working towards should be something which is new and varies up.

The carabina/Ursus missions are great story wise; I would say that having different mini gamemodes/objectives would be a welcome addition. Think more April Fools gamemodes.

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Thanks for your comment. That shows how serious the developers are concerned about the new and great ideas written above: almost zero! @Skathi
@Megha01 I think u can retire. Am doing this in 2-3 months if this game don’t bring anything new.


Been playing the game since the first year of its release and I like all the hero designs (even if they are underrated) and love the addition of FF heroes, I love collecting hero and I do agree with your feedback. We need a little bit of something new to keep the players from leaving the game maybe a new storyline and some events so the new players can get rewards not only found in crates like skins (btw can you add mythic skins in crates too lol). Also the extreme mode is a good addition to the game for high level players can still keep on grinding but it is hard for some players and you need the right team composition to complete the mission.

That is all, love this game and the devs<3 keep it up guys! Stay safe everyone and have a nice day

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