Feedback: 'End of Match' Phone Vibration

So, I use autoplay a lot to keep up on the game while I do other stuff in real life, especially in coop raids, PvP, bounty matches, and gauntlet. Currently, when a gauntlet match ends my phone vibrates, which I highly depend on as a signal to come back to my phone and start the next match (as opposed to having to “guess” when the match ends or constantly check my phone to see if it has). I absolutely LOVE that feature! Unfortunately, I’ve noticed this is exclusive to only the Gauntlet mode.

I would really love it if this ‘end of match’ signal could be implemented into the complete game, rather than being exclusive to Gauntlet mode.

Anybody else agree or disagree?


Seems we have the same style of playing :grin:
No vibration at gauntlet for me. But could be my phones fault :sweat_smile:

Would love that feature, cause i´m having the same troubles. Sometimes I totaly orget that I started a PvP match and get back to it after 15 minutes or so.

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@Poobgloob, I’d like to have this feature as well, but currently, even in silent mode it vibrates, which can be very annoying in certain situations, so the game should keep that in mind when they expand this feature

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Wait… only in Gauntlet? My phone vibrates whenever Im autoing campaing, too.

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@Kraterios Perhaps there could be a toggle switch for it, but personally I can’t see any potential circumstance in my own daily life where this would get annoying at all. Again, that is just my opinion :slight_smile:

@GTSaiko You might be totally right. I haven’t actually auto’d a campaign match in months considering I have thousands upon thousands of quick win tickets. Nonetheless, I would love to see an expansion of this feature beyond just Campaign and Gauntlet modes.


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