Mutual notifications timer feature for Co-op

A lot of times I try to sync up with my fellow alliance members to run co-op trades. But since it’s a mobile game, I often get distracted and put my phone away or we just miss each other and forget.

It would be nice to have an in-game feature where you could set either a daily timer (“every day at 1:00pm”) or one-off timer (“in 20 minutes”) and the game would send you a phone notification 5 minutes prior, and then another one at the appointed time.

I know we could set our own alarms on our phone but this is differently - it allows two people IN the game (like in chat) to set a timer together mutually. It would also handle people being in different timezones really easily because it could worded (“set a timer for 2 hours from now; repeat daily”) so that absolute times don’t need to be specified.

Loving the epic levels of laziness - respect!


This is getting out of hands lol

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