Feedback, how to make the game better after 0.8

Hi guys,

I thought why not write a post about the things we dislike about 0.8 so the developers have something to work with, namely… our feedback.

First of all, I would like to say it’s not all bad.
The new raid is fun, yes it could use some improvements and tweaks here and there but it works good.

I will start on each subject on it’s own.

Hero crates, fragments and stars:
Ok, you guys lowered stars for a lot of heroes, I will be honest. Not happy about it. That makes our gold a lot less valuable. If you get a duplicate now, you get the duplicate frags for that hero. You will get less fragments too because of the lower stars. I don’t want to be incredibly mean. But what were you guys thinking? The reason many of us bought gold in the first place was because that was a major way for us to get ahead of others in game. That the stars got lowered I can deal with, but at least give us the fragments they were worth before in case of a duplicate, and don’t make it hero specific anymore. The elemental frags were great. And I think I can speak for all of us when I say we want them back.

Unlike some others, I would like to say: Well Done! The endless grinding to get up in the ladders is finally over, and with that the unfair matchmaking. The matchmaking is much more random now. I face opponents far below me (and I’m truly sorry if we have to fight against each other) and I face opponents a little above me. The challenge is great. Power says nothing, the right team setup can beat even much more powerful opponents. The only things I do not like about this new pvp is the switching around of heroes in the store, what was wrong with the old one? Now we have to reset a bunch of times. ‘hoping to get lucky’ that’s not an improvement. Then us receiving less gauntlet gems for killing an enemy… would like to see it go back up to 20 a kill, and therefore making a 100 for a victory.
Then for the VIP members… taking one of our lives away is not cool. We actually paid to get to that VIP level, and now you take some of our benefits away? I’m sorry. Not cool…

Not much to say, yeah. It sucks that the hero frags disappeared. But the ability to get gold items in there rocks! It really helps with the upgrading process. Only thing I would like to see… also make us able to buy unfarmable items in there. Because so far I haven’t seen anything. And with a lot of heroes being stuck on the same item, the fun disappears quickly.

Solo - I don’t think there’s much wrong with the solo raids like how they made it. Of course it’s nice getting the additional money and other items, but I’m not complaining. Good job guys!
Co-op - now here is where I think the game could use some improvements again, let’s start with Gorgon Wakes.

The whole idea behind us loving to play Gorgon Wakes so much was because of the hero fragments you could get on a daily basis, lots of people reset their raids using gold (money u guys are making :wink:) so I don’t get why u guys wanted to change it. There’s a lot of new players coming in each day, and this way they’ll never be able to catch up. I thought it was a win/win situation for both players and developers? I would really like to see this changed.

Of course this one is new, and it’s normal to have some bugs in it. One of them is having almost all of us disconnect while we do the raid. @Huginn said we should lower graphic quality. I did this. But it didn’t work for me at least. While I am running an iPhone 7.
The rewards are nice, even though I would really like to see them changed every day, there are many more gold items we’re not able to farm. Random them around seems fair and like a really good idea to me.

That’s it, please guys… if you respond. It doesn’t all have to be negative. Not everything is bad, and showing some appreciation does good to a person. So keep that in mind if you post a reply please :smile:

Thank you all for reading, and I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

With all the best wishes,


A very nice topic @W4L and of course we all support it and need these changes that you mentioned.

Hopefully it’s gonna be changed as soon as possible.


@Anas_Nour thank you!
Everyone else, please leave a like after you read it. That shows you agree :wink:

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making a reply yourself of course. The more feedback the better.

Have a great Sunday u all :sunny:


Hear, hear @W4L. Agree with almost everything. Really like the new raid, but switch rewards regularly (i almost took that for granted). The regular raids on the other hand is almost worthless for seasoned players. I mean you should have about 200 gold cannisters and 500 silver for each typ allready. So switch up the rewards for them as well.
I like that the pvp shop focus on frags and gauntlet on gear. I for one also like that the frags you can get from pvp stor changes. Yea i have to reset to get someone i like sometimes. But I would like to see more heroes avalible that way. It would give more players the chans to focus on the hero they like. 5 heckler frags anyone?
It takes a while to get used to the new pvp, really random wins and losses for me at the moment. And the first day i though it was back to insane mode. Was matched against maxed out 9-10* teams - with prophet :slight_smile: ! But i noticed its not a consitent thing. So i wont cry about it (yet?). Looking forward to see the tournament mode. BUT - really low to take away a pvp life! I dont think u really thought that through.
And now for the hero crates… well i havent even bought the piggybanks this time. I cant find anyway to motivate me to put up money for more gold at the moment. I wasnt particularly upset about swiching back to herospecific frags as it would probably make the teams more diverse. And Hothead could continou working on making the heroes more balanced (i for one thinks prophet is ridiculous op. Im not saying that because i dont have him, honest :slight_smile: , he’s just no fun to play against). But i would not in my life spend 300 g for lets say 25 operator frags. I wouldnt spend 300g for 25 frags for any hero when i think about it. Seasoned players are trying to reach 1500 or 8000 frags! The way you lowered the amount of frags you get for each hero was a big misstake. If you want to lower the amount of stars each hero starts with fine. But then you’ll atleast have to increase the number of frags you get for duplicates



Very well said and as a much newer player it’s super helpful to get some of this info from seasoned vets, I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said except for one point. Not having an issue with the star rating drop

Sorry but as a newer player this is kind of bogus. I was considering grabbing some gold to purchase one of the 7* heros for 1500 gold, but with them being reduced to 5*, not a chance. The problem is he jump is way to latge, it makes it nearly impossible now for those of us newer players to catch the older players who grabbed these heros either with gold or from a hero crate and even though guys like yourselves have grabbed them already, seeing how much you advertise for new players, it means you’re going to see a serious lag for players to get to you 60k power requirement

@Huginn I can’t say I understand why you dropped the star rating other then as a cash grab, more stars that are needed to be earned means more money spent on gold to get upgrades right? What ever the reason though, this was way to drastic and should have been done in stages, dropping a hero 4 stars is a huge knock

/2 cents


@Chris_Brownell. That’s what I mean buddy.
With them lowering the stars rating it’s even harder for and of you newer players to catch up.

You have made me realize that 60k is already considered a seasoned veteran from now on, which never should be the case.
Later on, more alliance events will come. And if all alliances that are top ranked only take high powered players then how are the low ranked alliances going to work? This isn’t a game that u can ‘win’. It’s all about the fun. And everyone deserves that fun, newbies and seasoned vets.

The game like how it was when it comes to stars, fragments, duplicates and co-op raid Gorgon Wakes made us as alliance able to carry people to higher levels, which we, in the Hawaii Warriors have done several times. My alliance is one where we call each other friends and family. And that is all because we help each other from the start. No matter how strong you are, we get you there.

It’s a shame all of this is being put to waste now.
Again. Everyone deserves a chance.

So this one is also for you New Guys.
And just so u know, I love u all! :heart:


Have been enjoying playing and spending a little… ;-). It this doesn’t feel like the same game anymore. I realize this has been said a lot already, I’m just waiting to see how this can be fixed before I can rationally determine if I should (invest) play any longer.



Thanks for your feedback everyone. Please keep it coming! The team takes your feedback seriously.


That means we get what we’re asking for? And on what time frame? Sorry… little impatient here…

Amen to all of this.

In addition:

You’ll only get energy canisters now (from which I have more than enough) due to which I don’t even care about playing them anymore as all the benefits are now gone.

Bang for buck:
You mentioned we should now have more bang for buck. But to be honest there is even less reason now to buy gold due to the fact you don’t get elemental frags anymore and because you get a lot less frags. Overall gold prices seems a little lower but it isn’t really. In fact, I think it even became a lot more expensive. From a rough calculation you can now get around 400 frags for 110 euro’s while before you would get 1400 frags which you were able to spend per hero shard (energy,bio etc).


Thats exactly the reason why i dont kick people from my alliance and true freakypyromanic

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Feeling to loose touch more and more…
It is an absolute disgrace How these updates being made. Take away Vip rewards Wich we All Did pay for.More and more players are playing with the Tought to quite and Some alrdy have.
Is this the way You want this to go ??

I think it is time to show you do appreciate your players ( Especcialy your playing players)
Don’t take rewards away but improve rewards.
We are PAYING to play this!!!


@Huginn I think it’s about time we hear from u guys. We’ve all shown you how unhappy we are with this. Yet nothing happened. At least give us an update…


To me it’s crazy that you need 5 days (and counting) to get back at this topic. If your priorities lie elsewhere, then just tell us so we can move on to another game


Yes. Maybe right now is the time to stop thinking about more and more ridiculous events and to focus on what really matters first.


I haven’t forgotten about this topic. A lot of issues came out of the last release and we’re working on fixing those before 0.9 comes out. We’re still working on fixing some remaining issues with PvP and ads. The whole team here is dedicated to Hero Hunters and there aren’t plans to change that.

Our team reads these forums every day and plays the game with you, we often feel the same struggles you feel and we work to fix those issues. Right now we’re working on a plan to address some of the “rough” spots in the game and threads like this really help us focus on what our players feel is the most important.


Maybe fix them 1 by 1. So we feel like something is actually being done. My advice, give us back the raid fragments and fix the hero fragments from the crates. Especially with this ‘event’ u guys got going on in a couple of hours. Both the amounts need to change as well as them going back to elemental instead of hero specific.

I will be honest @Huginn.
I’m not giving it days anymore. Sorry.
And the fixes I just named is a token of good will from you guys and can be fixed within minutes.

It is up to you guys, but I know a lot more good and paying people will leave too if this doesn’t happen really really soon.


I agree with w4l and I know a lot of people think the same way , the choice is yours. Fix it fast or loose a lot of paying players. Actually I think it is already a shame we need to tell this so often. The Only reason Why we are still playing is because we already invested a lot if Time and money into this game. But this ends Soon… Step up now or we All Will quit

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@Huginn, I think it’s time to respond?

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It’s the weekend, it think they work office days only