Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon

Greetings Hunters,

Today, I wanted to share some upcoming changes to how a few currency systems will work moving forward. These changes will come into effect in the March update.

So, let’s break them down one by one:

  1. Co-op Raid Hero Fragments: Last month, we released our newest Hero, Bucket. Due to the timing of the Co-Op Raids, the only way to have Bucket ready for Bounties was to purchase her directly through a bundle. This caused many Bucket-Required Bounty targets to sit in the backlog for large Alliances, and wasn’t the best experience. To address your feedback, we’re offering more options to unlock our next Hero.

    Here is a mockup of what the updated Co-op Raid screen will look like. The key change is that there will be a Daily Limit (seen on the left) to how many Fragments of a new Hero you can receive in a given day. Once you’ve reached the Daily Limit on these Fragments, you’ll receive random Hero Fragments instead of the new Hero. Which Heroes are in this random pool will be updated for each new Raid.

    Players who choose to buy a new Hero outright will be able to get mileage out of their purchases, while non-spenders can unlock the newest Hero over time.

  2. Stamina: Purchasing Stamina will now have a fixed price, and will provide the same amount each time! We understand that if you buy Stamina a couple of times, the price increase can get a bit prohibitive. The cost will no longer increase with consecutive purchases.

  1. Bucks Exchange: After a lot of feedback regarding Bucks, we have changed how the Bucks Exchange works. In a review of the Bucks Exchange, we felt that the escalating Gold cost created an interesting scenario where the more you used it, the less value you got out of it. We weren’t happy about that. In the March update, the number of Bucks you get out of the Exchange will remain consistent. No more increasing costs for repeated use of the Bucks Exchange.

  2. Skill Points: Along with Stamina and the Bucks Exchange, we will be changing the Gold price of Skill Points. The Gold price for Skill Points will no longer inflate the more you use it. It will now be a flat price.

We realize this may not address all of the feedback regarding these systems that you’ve sent us. Rest assured, we’re still working on further adjustments. We have a lot of new features, updates to existing features, and new exciting rewards coming in the near future. Stay tuned for more details!


Very good changes overall, can’t see how anyone would complain in this thread.

For me PERSONALLY it wasn’t a problem to let wallet unlock Bucket but seeing this change described above proves you’re listening to feedback.


Wow. I REALLY hope I’m wrong about what this looks like. Because this sure looks like an attempt to cement an ‘official’ system that will increase the barrier-to-entry on having a new hero for the first bounty of every faction.

The direction we’ve been heading with nearly every recent update has made it more and more difficult to acquire a new hero in time for bounty. We’ve gradually seen the timing of the new hero’s release become more and more prohibitive to obtaining without spending real money. This pain is mitigated slightly by the fact that players are able to unlock new heroes in their co-op raid within a few days if they reset the co-op with gold.

But now we’re shown an image in which we are allowed a maximum of EIGHT frags per day of a new hero???

So @Huginn, PLEASE ease my worries and convince me that this is anything more than a way to squeeze money out of players by removing the ONE cost-effective way to speed up new hero unlocks.

I’m not sure you’ve actually taken time to think about the consequences of these changes.


Like Huginn said above: this is a way to give people access to a Hero, while also allowing those who buy the Hero outright to get the full value from their purchase. This is a compromise between the two extremes of “all Heroes are paid only” and “all Heroes are available for free.”

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People were purchasing the hero outright in the old system before this change with no problem. They were making that purchase with the full knowledge that it would be unlockable via co-op raids in a matter of days.

You’re trying to explain this away as a “fix” but the problem you’re claiming to fix didn’t exist. This is a feeble excuse for what is, in reality, a clear way to give a more direct advantage to paying players at the expense of those that are unwilling/unable to spend $30 every month on a new hero.


Yes. No more increasing prices for stamina, skills, and monies.

I’m not sure I agree with the daily fragment limit for new Heroes though. Still, is Helios is gonna return soon as a raid?

You’re free to interpret what we said how you like! We’re not here to convince or debate you. We just let you know what’s going on, and why. The rest is up to you.

My disappointment stems not only from the what but also that the why is dishonest.


8 frags for 8 days and the hero is basically yours. I don’t see this as a problem. It’s as close as “throwing it out for free” as we can get without having the hero threwn out for free.

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Every new hero will now be inaccessible without paying real money directly for the first bounty of every faction.

I can’t fathom how you don’t see this as a problem.


How do you come up to that conclusion?

It now takes 11 co-op trades to unlock a new hero. Before, there was an option to spend gold to reset the raid in order to unlock the hero earlier. That no longer exists. Even if you spend gold, the absolute EARLIEST you can unlock a new hero is in 8 days.

Therefore, unless HH reverses their obviously intentional trend of releasing new heroes mere days before the first bounty, there will be no possible way to acquire the new hero in time for bounty, let alone with enough time to get them upgraded reasonably.

The response received so far to this concern was:

“it is calculated that if you reach your limit every day you will be able to unlock during the bounty.”

during bounty

So it is all but confirmed that AT THE VERY BEST, you can unlock the hero DURING bounty (zero upgrade time). And that is ONLY if you spend gold on resets every single day.


i think this will help out well in the long run. there are those who cave and are quick to buy the hero bundle for whatever amount and then those who choose to wait and get it via the co-ops. Its no big race who can get them to plat/10* on release. but this just gives the alliance a bit more chance to work together.

With playing few co-ops a day in the old way, it would take some more time due to them starting late on just the x1. but now i feel like it gives them the chance to get it at the same time as the rest in said alliance.

Where did that quote come from? I can’t see it posted by a developer in here.
Not trying to pick a fight here, just wanna understand what I misunderstood in the information communicates by Huginn here.


It was posted on Discord by Lord Nikon.


OK! I missed that.
Thanks for clarifying it.

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No problem, I should have mentioned the source in my original quote.

Do you see now what I’m trying to say though? Or do you maintain that this is anything other than a money squeeze?

I am not convinced.
Buckets launch was a money squeeze. This not as much. Just a small portion of the player are are gonna NEED the new hero before the bounty event. I think the main part will be satisfied with unlocking him mid-bounty event.

Yeah, honestly, if I were part of one of the top alliances and competing for top spot, I could see how it would be annoying that I’d need to spend money to be competitive, but for most of the rest of us, this is absolutely fine.

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The primary purpose of Bucket’s release model was to serve as an extreme example and cause the players normalize this new model, which given the depth of changes in the UI, has been in the works for long before Bucket’s release happened.

Bucket was meant to be a “See at least it’s not THIS bad” example.