Feedback Response to 0.8

I would like to start this discussion by thanking everyone for their feedback on this update and their patience while we resolved priority issues with payments, login, and connectivity/crashes. Now that those pressing matters are under control it’s time that we take a moment and reply to the feedback you’ve given up over the last week and a half. I’ll begin by quoting some posts and addressing them as directly as possible.

With this release, we encountered an issue where Piggy Bank purchases were not being honoured, which exposed another issue where Gold Drops were in a similar situation. Our primary focus for the first days of the release was about getting players what they paid for as well as resolving issues that prevented players from logging in.

We quickly realized there were some bugs that got released. We’ve since released fixes which should prevent most, if not all of the crashes from happening. We’ve had internal discussions about how we missed these bugs and how we can prevent a situation like this from happening again. If you are still having issues with this please contact us or our support team.

In this case, we wanted to give focus to the stores. The PvP Store is now the place where you will go to get Hero Fragments and Gauntlet Store is where you will go to get gear for upgrading your Heroes. The PvP Store change was specifically so we can highlight heroes by “pinning” them and introduce greater variety to the heroes you can get by allowing some of them to change by refresh. The change was to support giving you access to a greater range of hero fragments. We’ll add more heroes available this way in following updates.

Now we’d like to address the concerns about the recent update, the changes to Hero Fragments.

We are always looking at our data to help tune and balance the game while it’s in limited release. We need to develop the game to be balanced for when we launch Hero Hunters worldwide. The recent Fragment change was made to address some issues we were seeing in the game’s balance. I’ll go through some of our observations that these changes were intended to fix.

Stars were king.

Originally the Star Rating of heroes obtained through the Hero Crate were varied, and the power disparity those stars provided was difficult to overcome. It was very tough for players to overcome the power difference between themselves and those lucky enough to get Prophet.

When it came to team loadouts it was more advantageous to take your highest star rated hero than it was to take the “correct” hero. We want to establish a balance where having the correct team composition is more important than the number of stars a hero has.

When we first designed the Star Rating system we currently have we wanted to give players a fair amount of runway for upgrading them. Prior to 0.8 what we were observing is that players were reaching 10 stars far more quickly than we had designed for. Our players were more far more dedicated than we initially predicted. Adding Elemental Fragments to the Hero Crate made this issue much worse.

We initially added Hero Fragments to Co-op Raids because we wanted to give players the ability to increase the Star Rating on inherently low star heroes, such as Nightingale. As stated above, we recently made changes to add more focus to certain areas of the game. The Gorgon Wakes Co-op Raid saw a similar pass in that we wanted it to be about getting the Grenades. To counterbalance this change we will be increasing the drop rate of Hero Fragments in the Campaign’s Hard Mode, so you will have greater access to these Hero Fragments.

Our solution.

We discussed internally how we could resolve the issues mentioned above. What we wanted to do was create a system with the following criteria:

  • All heroes have a chance at being competitive and useful
  • Paying doesn’t immediately dominate the competition but is still useful for getting ahead.
  • Didn’t take away progression players had already made
  • Team composition should matter the most

The result is where we are at right now. Initial hero stars reduced, Hero Fragments from duplicates in the Hero Crate, and removing Hero Fragments from Co-op Raids. We don’t expect this to be the last change we make to these systems, we do take our player’s feedback into consideration when we are planning future updates to Hero Hunters. We haven’t removed Elemental Fragments from the game entirely, we expect for them to come back into circulation as event rewards.

I think it important to close by saying that we made these changes to make sure that the thousands of players we have each day have a chance to enjoy the game equally. We looked at our game from the eyes of a new user and felt that these changes were needed to make the game seem more fair and approachable for everyone. New and existing users alike.


I had To fight against a 7 +8 star team gold that had a full mechanical team and a phalanx and i had a balanced team comp with all 8 stars gold but he won please Make team comp op against player who use the same type of heroes aka mechanical

Thank you for your explanation of the changes. It might be good to let people who are coming into this and dumping hundreds or thousands of dollars on upgrades and hero crates know that we are in what could be called a “bata” or “testing” stage of release. It may be that all the money we spend/spent will be harshly devalued as the game changes to suit the general public for world wide release. I for one have had “perks” that I spent money on reduced or taken away. On the other side the of that I also acknowledge that while I had things taken away, I gained a few new heroes that had been “devalued”. I understand growing pains but I wish I had full disclosure at the onset.

Cheers, I still enjoy the game and will “bank” on your dedication to make it balanced and better for all.


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In mine opinion its not Good enough to look at the game only through the eyes of new players. But also through the eyes of the players who were playing this game from the start.

Paying members should be far more advanced in this game then new members! Why? Because they paid a lot to get privileges!

I think everyone rather wants the elemental fragments back and play more games for the grenades, then what you guys did with the last update! I really mean that if you really listen to our feedback, that you could and Maybe should! Have asked our opinion about that matter!

And How is iT still even possible that gold is more expensive now and you get less than before!! And I think that you should help people in youralliance by gifting them things they need or like!

Changing back to hero fragments? Fair enough. But 35 fragments for 300 gold? Get outta here. I am quitting. Good luck with the further demolishing of your game


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