Feedback: Improving Nightingale's AI


Just thought I’d suggest having Nightingale go back into cover after firing a shot to reload. I realize this isn’t a problem for the veteran players but as a new player with only her as a healer, it’s tough keeping her alive in the later part of the campaign. I’m debating getting Moss next time he’s in the black market. Currently sitting on 2582 gold and VIP 7 which seems to not buy as much as it used to according to feedback I’ve read on here. Tangent aside, please improve Nightingale.

Nightingale is a meh healer. Just get Moss or Matador instead.

I agree she’s quite meh but she’s all I have as a new player. Doesn’t take away from the fact her AI needs to be improved.

I agree as one of the veterans she only heals tanks not the character with the lowest health which Will become a problem if you dont use butter

@Tranquilmoon606, did you know if you’re playing Nightingale you can choose your target for the heal by holding down the heal skill button and aiming at the hero you want to heal?

It’s an untaught mechanic, some skills let you target by holding them down.

Yes i do know that and it can be hard at times but when iam not playing as her she heals only tanks