Babygirl needs some love. With her fire rate and weapon size, she should be throwing hammers?

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Sorry man but this hero has been nuked to no return. Couple updates ago she was a beast healer and stunner shot until the nerf happened . I don’t believe they will buff her

Especially when his skin has arrived

She should be throwing hammers… lmao awesome choice of words

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His skin? She’s very important to the story line, should rank at least mid range on the lineup when maxed. My opinion of course.

Her healwall from new bronze and plat when her skin was introduced was one of the best heals in the game, that even midtier dps couldnt easily kill a hero. she went through a lot of nerfs and she is balanced as possible. her silver mark is super useful in the meta, so she isnt completely bad.

Definitely not the worst. Also a pretty decent healer for just plug and play in co-op raids if you don’t know what your ally’s going to use (or just don’t feel like switching, lol)

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