Feel like I was ripped off

I just bought the special gold drop for $19.99… it says “700 Gold then 100 everyday”… however upon purchase it’s only for 7 days. That’s way misleading, it should have told you for 7 days. I’m considering asking for a refund because it’s not worth it to me it’s not that great of a deal.

There is other items in the store called “Gold Drop.” This is a special gold drop because it’s the same price as the original $99.99 gold drop, but with an extra day worth of gold. No company would offer a one time purchase of premium currency that would allow you to claim a large amount every day you continue to play.

Then they should have said “For 7 days” somewhere. The way it’s worded is like it’s every day for that. I get a better deal for the 30 days.

Yea I agree, probably could have added “for 7 days” somewhere. Was just pointing out why they may not have included it.

I buy the 30 day one every time. This one you only get 400 more gold, and some shards and pvp gems. Not worth the extra $15.
Hot head please reply or I will ask Apple for a refund.

Yeah I knew this was only for 7 days, but it really should say that explicitly because it’s a standalone shop item and not some enhanced feature of a regular item. It’s misleading advertisement

It wasn’t clear, but I also asked people who bought it and I decided that already have to big hole in my hand

I didn’t know anyone who bought it. I contacted support asking for a refund… 1400 gold, random shards/amounts of shards, and PVP gems isn’t worth $20 to me.
I really thought it was either 30 days or “everyday” like your quick win tickets are.

I was doing the math myself, I already thought it wasn’t a month.

You can’t expect every day the rest of your life for that amount though.

But I still agree, it was unclear, and I need to look at the normal gold income and ask around to make sure it wasn’t a month

Techmedic is absolutely right! It was misleading offer and it should be refund if requested!

Fake purpouse of publicity… i feel the same way…they should note that it was for only 7 days

Reply from Hothead Support


We are sorry to hear about your purchase.

I would be happy to help you get a refund for your order as long as the in-game currency has not been spent. We do not provide partial refunds or process a different offer to your account and credit the rest.

If this was a purchase for an apple device, please contact Apple for a refund. We actually don’t have the ability to refund you from our end. All purchases are handled through their stores. They are usually fairly responsive.

Here are the steps to contact Apple about this:

  • On your iTunes invoice, there is a link for Purchase History, click that and it will open up iTunes.

  • Login with your username and password if you are prompted

  • A page with your recent purchases should be shown. On there, scroll down and click the “Report a Problem” button.

  • Find the invoice with this purchase on it, and click the “Report a Problem” link next to it in the list.

  • Fill out the form explaining that you did not wish to purchase the item for this game. Include as much detail as you remember, and Apple will usually respond within a 2-3 days and process the refund in a timely manner. Make sure to mention you have already contacted us.

-When you get to the “Report a Problem” form, make sure to select the reason from the drop down that says something like “I inadvertently purchased this”. If you select one of the other reasons, like “I’m having trouble with this application”, they will send you to us for help.

  • Your login and password is required before purchases get made but then there is a window after one purchase is made that you can continue to make purchases without logging in. If you have a child or someone else using your phone and want to add an extra layer of protection against in-app purchases, you can also turn on the controls described here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213

All the best,


Hothead Games

That’s a good reply though?