Offers with daily gold reward

Hey everybody!
I just saw the 2 gold offers that provide us an amount of gold and then daily gold reward. I am talking about the new ones that are staying for 5 days.
My question here is how long will stay these daily gold rewards? Because the old omes are durong 1 month (written on the offer) or 1 week (for the other offer), but in these newest ones nothing is specified… Will they stay all life long?

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Life long would be amazing :grin:

But i asked myself the same question, since there is NO description of the offer.

I also was wondering about this. The offer is very badly defined. What buyers get is gold drops for 7 days.

Glad i didn’t buy it now would have been annoyed as it so alike to normal 30 day one to be short on gold would be grrr for £19.99 it should be 4x the 4.99 offer and it isnt if it only lasts 7 days not the 30. 4.99 x4 is 19.96 and that 120 gold per day for 30 days??? So 19.99 ok you get more at once but…

Has anyone found an answer to this? A little over 48hrs left on the offers and I’m pretty keen to buy one - depending on how long that daily gold lasts.

I already answered it,
the daily gold drops for 7 (seven) days with a bit of extra (I’m getting 10 Castellan frags, 1000 PVP gems and 200 stamina along with the gold). I purchased the small / cheap deal.

Ah, now it’s clicked. My bad. Thanks for the details, way better than how the deal explains it