Official Response to the Morlock Special Offer

Hello Hunters,

At Hothead Games, we strive to always provide the best experience for our players. You’re the lifeblood of the community, and it’s because of you that we can do what we do for a living.

Unfortunately, due to an error with recent offers we implemented offering Morlock Hero fragments and Stamina, we did not follow through on providing the best experience for our players. There was a brief period where some players were able to purchase one of the better offers for far less than the intended $69.99 USD price point. The number of users affected by this issue was actually small, but it still bears addressing.

We understand your frustration, and your concerns. We’re sorry that this happened, truly. Here’s what we’re going to do about it.

First, if you purchased the offer in question, regardless of the price, we’re not going to adjust what you were charged. This means that if you got it for the incorrect price, you don’t need to worry about additional charges. If you purchased it at the actual intended price of $69.99 USD, we won’t be providing partial refunds. All purchases stand, as we want players to be confident that what is they pay for and what’s included in an offer won’t change after the point of sale.

Second, we’ve elected not to make the offer available to everyone at the incorrectly reduced price. This would be very bad for the health of the game, with a lot of unintended side effects that we would rather avoid, for the sake of our players.

Finally, if you bought the offer at the actual price of $69.99 USD, you’ll receive additional compensation at a later date to reflect that you spent more on this offer. We won’t have details of how much you’ll be given, and when, as it will take some time to make sure nobody is left behind. We’re going to take the time to do this properly, so keep an eye on your inbox. If you purchased the offer at this price, you will be given some added value.

Additionally, we would like to take a moment to talk about our special offers in general. The incorrect pricing some users experienced was not the result of our personalized offer system, but we do serve players personalized offers. Our goal is to provide each player with offers that make sense for them. This is something we feel best serves each player’s needs.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We’re reviewing our processes to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again. We’re human, and make mistakes, but we want you to know that we’re always committed to doing better.

All the best,
The Hero Hunters team.


Thanks for the clarity on this. Great response and you guys have taken a very intelligent approach to dealing with it. I appreciate especially the bit about not changing a purchase after the point-of-sale as I think it’s important to have iron-clad consistency there.

I wasn’t affected by this personally (although I would have bought it at the $5 price-point with zero hesitation), but hopefully those that were affected see the sense in handling it this way.

I’m going to be honest I’m not happy at all about this answer but I can see why you would react this way


That for me is the big problem sith this solution. I didn´t spend much on this game until now, but I would have bought the 5$ offer if it would have been avaliable. Players like me aare now the ones left behind. The ones paying 70$ will get a much higher reward then intendet, the ones who got the 5$ offer will have an amazing reward for that. And me…I have nothing.


How can you say that? They basically did nothing about it except give players who spent $70 some yet unspecified rewards, sometime in the future. Seems like they are trying to use the unknown to get more people to purchase it at $70. Why not tell us what the future rewards will be now?

As for everyone that got the offer for $5, they got a huge jump in power for minimal price. I doubt a “small” number of people were affected by this considering it was available for a ton of Android users and an amazing deal. Even if that is the case, it’s still a huge, unfair advantage for the few people who bought it.

I would rather see them just refund everyone the $5 and take back all the rewards they were given. If it’s such a small number who took part, why not go that route? That would at least be “fair”. What they did was only best for HotHead and their bottom dollar line, at the expense of their player base.


The offer has been disabled entirely. So no, we’re not expecting people to buy more at $70, as that is currently impossible.

Just wanna state that I do feel a slight buyer’s remorse here! When I saw my 5 dollar option I had basically just recently woken up, literally 10 seconds after my alarm beeped and I acted on total instinct. Should I have gone to the forum first or even the chat to see a discussion about a glitched offer I wouldn’t have purchased it. I can’t barely look the dog on the photograph on my evolved Ghoul’s back in the eyes without feeling I somehow stole him. I’ll hope to take a lesson from
this: don’t be so eager boy.
If you reconsider and roll back all progress since 24 hours I’d be fine with that.

Thanks for coming out honest, stuff screw up sometimes. Then everyone moves on.

Se siente el interés por parte del equipo de HH al responder a nuestros problemas en el juego, aveces son injustos los precios, ya que jugadores que tratan de subir de nivel siendo nuevos se ven diminutos frente a los grandes jugadores que usan efectivo siempre, en fin, el problema que hubo tendrá solución, espero tengan un poco más de criterio a la hora de publicar ofertas, para que no deje cabizbajo a la gran mayoría que jugamos esto y queremos avanzar



Thass’a cat and the forum need more cats. Thank you for posting a cat.

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Awfully nice of you, but don’t worry! If you bought it, you can keep it. Enjoy!

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Haha, i speak spanish

Sorry I flagged your post as a joke, I don’t feel any regrets, just glad I got it, I was lucky.

I posted this before, this was a good and big week of farming, nobody jumped more then 2/5k in power, so the people who got it had some luck, others who bought the expensive pack will gaine a nice extra for the price it was actually meant.

I understand the frustration from other players who didn’t get it, i would have the same, it doesn’t seem fair, but it’s a week of farming that we got ahead of you.

It’s painful that it happened, but I would have bought this deal 10x, to say you feel ashamed isn’t right, but that’s not the case.

Some of us had luck, others will get a reward in the future and some will feel pain.

The reward was awesome, but I do hope the other big group will feel awsome again, I love this game, and I won’t speak for myself to keep this love going, let’s bring out a great new patch for unused hero’s, break the current lame boring please let me search for the quit button meta endless I killed your hero 4 times but you have 5 a live team now.

Yes this was great for a small group, but not a game breaking thing, sorry I would feel mad when I didn’t get it but no, not the biggest issue

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Don’t forget the 7k VIP… which is a $60+ value in and of itself

I totally disagree with your answer. This absolutely unfair for ppl that cannot buy the incorrect price offered. You should give the same offer to all ppl that have not bought it or take back all from ppl bought it. If not, ppl like me are so disappointed and maybe quit the game in near future. Thks:)


Disagree, with 5$ can get 7k vip pts ??? you should take back all and refund who bought with 60$.


The special should have been offered to ios as it was to android. The stamina and frags were not game changing, just the VIP points. The points should have been reduced post purchase for everyone except those who paid full price to 500 points. This revised VIP point list with the same items should have been then re-listed for 24 hours for everyone at $5 USD. If any one of the “few” that purchased the $5 package for the VIP points was upset, you could refund them and recall their package on a case by case basis. Anecdotally I can tell you, most people went in for the frags and stamina, not the VIP. The way HHG chose to handle this was totally unfair and they need to adjust fire on their “fix”.


This is definitely not the answer I was hoping for. Of course your numbers say it only effected a small number because you’re looking at how many people bought it vs how many game accounts there are but that’s flawed because a huge number of player accts are not the people playing the majority of the time. So it ends up being a much bigger impact to those of us who play multiple times a day. Honestly, I wouldn’t have felt so bad about it but it came 1 day after anyone who switched an alliance recently got extra rewards for alliance patrols even when they hadn’t missed any. That’s two big problems in my opinion. I’m not going to stop playing or threaten to stop playing because I like this game and that’s a bit extreme but I don’t think I’ll be spending for awhile…unless a crazy good deal pops up of course :wink:


I got 1000 vip points.

This so called apology is total BS, really.

Do you think people especially u6os users will wanna buy your stupid crates again?

People remember when they have been shafted and this is a BIG SCREW YOU for your ios player base.

There’s not even ANY explanation about HOW a screwup this massive came about.

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