First Fan Hero Concept - W, The Renegade

Disclaimer: I do not own the character or any of her art. The art goes to Yostar. Inc and Hypergryph and their game (Arknights)

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“Just look at her. Her smile causes me to have shivers down my spine.”

“Silence. Is your job to question or to act?”

“Act, sir,”

“Then stop with your pointless complaints and get to it. She’s a great addition to our forces and Kurtz will be pleased. He might even give you a promotion.”

“But just look at what her files describe of her. An ex-mercenary who betrayed countless organizations. What are we? A freaking organization! Ain’t she gonna betray us?”

“Oh you think too much, fool. We already house a few of the biggest criminals in these lands. Stop being such a wimp and finish the procedures. The boss will thank us for recruiting such a powerhouse.”

“Hey, in the future, if she does betray us, I’m not responsible for this crap.”

“Alright, you. One more word from you and I’ll personally be sending you to the isolation chambers.”

“Sorry, sir.”

All according to plan…

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W, ex-mercenary and elite bombardier of KLG, she will cause terror and instill fear in even the toughest units.

Health: 3/5

Armor: 3/5

Damage: 5/5

Skills: 5/5

Bronze - Detonation

  • Plants a bomb at a location. After 1 second, any enemy that steps over takes medium damage.
  • Can plant multiple bombs, up to 4.

Silver - Jack-in-the-box

  • Throws a sticky grenade at an enemy. After 3 seconds, it detonates, dealing large amounts of damage to the target and 50% less to enemies around the target.
  • Any negative effects that are present on the target now apply to anyone caught in the explosion.

Gold - Exploitation

  • Whenever the enemy has been hit 3 times by W, the damage of her active abilities is increased massively.
  • Detonation bombs now go invisible to the enemy team.

Platinum - Unforgiving

  • Her targets now gain stacks of [Weakened] when W successfully lands a shot. Whenever an enemy reaches 6 stacks, increases the damage of [Exploitation] to that enemy for 3 seconds.
  • Increases by 1 second for every 10 levels.
  • While in this state, her active abilities also stun the target.


  • Her weapon will function differently from the normal weapons in HH. Her grenade trajectory will act the same as a real grenade launcher, with the grenade falling in a curve instead of a straight line and the crosshair would be designed differently to assist in aiming.
  • The reason for her weapon design is to create a hero with an actual learning curve to the fundamentals of her kits and using her to her fullest potential. Her passives also reflect this because I figured that having the weapon to fall off of the normal gun trajectory would be a little difficult to get used to, so I had her power spikes much easier to obtain in combat.
  • To be honest, the weapon would just be too hard to get a grasp on and would be very unnatural to use it in an actual PvP situation.

W - Operator Theme


Okay, why anime? This isn’t an anime game

I am fully aware this isn’t an anime game. I just like her design and I just thought that she would be interesting to be in HH. That’s all.


Nice work! Great presentation of skills and backstory.