Fix / modify ability applying method

Somtimes using an ability is very annoying
especially when you need to apply it on some one in your team like moss and nightangle and francoie

Some times its hard to find the character in your team in the battlefield wich you want to apply the ability on and some time being fast is essential

But with the current method used to apply the ability on another player is annoying and not very productive

So i have a simple yet very usefull idea

For example
When nightangle want to heal sombody
Instead searching for him and wasting time and somtimes losing the game

Two simple fast steps
1-click on the healing ability
2- then click on the hero avatar on the characters bar on top that you want to heal/apply the ability on

nightangle will automatically send the heal to the selected character without wasting time and searching

Pls respond to this topic and if there is any other ideas pls share

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I believe the next update will have something along these lines. This has been a discussed issue for quite sometime and I think the team finally found a good way to solve this problem.

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It is exactly the suggestion I made not long ago:

Using Caine is terribly wonky! His grenades recharge all the time so you basically need to spend half the battle looking for an ally that needs a boost. He’s better off AI controlled. Which is a shame.

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Great idea. Simple and will work well.

So true Markus. Frankly I’d rather see the heal or armor pack just get thrown at the hero with the lowest health by default.

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