Make it easier to target a specific ally

So here’s an idea. Some persons like Nightingale will eventually have to target a specific ally with her healing. Also recently Caine. I think it’s user unfriendly to aim my crosshair to my designated ally, especially given they’re often running around behind me.

I think it should be possible to:

  • Trigger the skill
  • Click the avatar of the designated target
    …And behold as your character will turn towards the target and throw his / her skill.

Doesn’t this make sense? Would it make the skills too easy to target? Would it cut the action?


Agreed, I don’t manually play Nightingale cause searching the hero to heal takes me to much time

Yeah, they usually die before you can find them. Because they’re in need of healing already.

Try holding down the skill button! Aim at your target, then release. This lets you have finer aiming of targeted skills.


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I’m sorry but that method makes me stand up being exposed to unfriendly fire while I try to figure out if its Steele or Dogface that is completely covered by the HUGE butt of mr. Heimlock that gets in my view. :frowning:

I kind of like this idea, because there have been times where I am aiming at a frontline hero with low health, but a midline hero with nearly full health is blocking them and it heals them instead.

Would be nice to tap her heal skill, then tap the hero icon of the hero you want to heal.

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Yeah, this alone if keeping me from using Caine which is sad because he’s new and quite cool. But it’s too clunky to use his full potential.

I’d like to state that I am not interested in this method for choosing a targeted enemy; those you often have in your view all the time and you have a fair good idea of where they are. But those allies to the left, to the right and behind you are messy to find.

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