Supportive abilities activation

I don’t have enough time so I’ll break it.
As for some supportive abilities like heal puls of Night or armor up of Cain and etc, sometimes it is annoying and time consuming to find the target ally to allocate the subject abilities which may cuase suffering the penalty while you’re searching. The fact that the allied heroes are in line or behind you exacerbates the injured time.

Here is a suggestion. Let the people use drag and drop trick simply by dragging the icon of ability on the pic icon of the target heros like below.

I know operator heals the hero with least remaining health and abovementioned is not applicable here, But as for shortage of time I just made up above to illustrate further.


Great idea. I agree with what you stated, and it could really turn the tables in alotta battles

Thanks. Also by such method one can use the subject skill on himself. Who says one cannot bandage himeself? Although it may not as efficient as when another person do it, it is still possible. I’d say let it happen by half effectiveness.

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Mmm, not sure about that one. Idk how I’d feel if Moss could heal himself; that’d kinda take away his role as a “high healing sacrificer” and make him more more OP than he needs to be, even if it is only half effective. Just my opinion anyways, unless I interpreted that wrong, in which case, my bad.

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