Fix this please

You can see that I have to download about 2 days. I thought because of my ping. But there are some people in vip chat have same problem. It’s not my wifi fault. If it was my wifi, I even can enter to the game

Ps: You can play the game offline too.

This is an issue for in-game support. Navigate to your player profile and contact the support team directly from there. Nobody on the forums is equipped to troubleshoot technical issues in any way.

They should have more mods to close this threads faster. I haven’t seen a mod in days and some threads could really need some moderation/closing.

The funniest is when I complete complaining, back to the game, it was back to normal. Lol

From what I’ve seen from forum/discord activity, the devs (or at least a portion of them) are off work until after the holidays. I’d imagine some chose to just skip the shortened work week this week altogether and come back Jan 2.

But with a game as big like this and a forum there should be someone working. At least in my opinion. And moderation is not the best or at least slow, even if they are working.

Absolutely agreed on all accounts. The communication of the HHG devs is pretty embarrassing, even on an active day.

To your other point though - I’m sure that they have a requirement for ‘critical’ employees being available. Infrastructural support, IT, etc. But community management would definitely be considered non-critical from an “on-call” standpoint.

You are propably right, The forum is kind of small anyway, so no one really cares for it :smile:

And i have to fully agree on the communication issue. There are four platforms they use to provide different important information. No one has the time to check them all and since I am not in the english VIP chat, I do not even have the chance to get all.

Is there really no option to choose your preferred language for chat?? That seems like a horrible oversight considering devs answer game-related questions in VIP chat on occasion.

I could change my mobile to english, but I do not want to have it all in english just because of this game.

Yeah that seems miserable. Can’t believe they don’t have an in-game option to override the default device language. Seems like it’d be so easy to do and would be a big QoL improvement for those whose first language isn’t English.

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Since the headline of the topic i already fitting…

PLEASE INTEGRATE AN OPTION TO CHANGE TO THE ENGLISH VIP CHAT, or at least provide the information in all VIP chats.
And when we are already on that, gathering the informations that were provided on different ways in some place would be great. Best would be to have a news thread at the forum. But even a discord channel would be okay, so the information does not get lost somewhere in the depth of the general chat.

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