New update error?

Officer chat and regular chat not working no one can see my posts. I can’t chat one on one but that’s it. Anyone else?

Again, send in suppprt tickets.

If you see a bug and want it fixed, no one can fix that for you in this forum.

plus asking people if anyone also has it isn’t gonna solve anything at all. It will potentially make worse and fix will arrive slower.

If you can reach out to support, that would be my first step.
But i understand if you came here looking for answers if you couldn’t reach support at all due to a game glitch.
I came across a major issue with mine yesterday and couldn’t even contact support so went looking elsewhere for answers. Luckily, a dev helped me out. Coz they’re awesome like that sometimes.

Hopefully your troubles are fixed now.

There are other ways to contact support if you can’t get into the game. Everybody should be familiar with the FAQ/Guidelines. All the info is there.