Flatline deserves a legendary skin! 🙃

Because she has been nerfed like a thousand times lol. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Turning her CLEAR skill single revive into multiple revives.

Let’s say for example, Flatline revives a single hero with 300,000 health.

Health restored will be split if more than 1 hero is revived.

If 2 heroes get revived it will be 300,000/2=150,000

3 heroes 300,000/3=100,000

4 heroes 300,000/4=75,000 and so on…

Pls consider making her legendary skin, pretty pls? :laughing:

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She could also be made such as first time she revives she would revive one hero, on second revive she would revive 2 heros and so on.

Having the ability to revive multiple dead heroes, seems like too much of a nuisance. This would be more annoying to have like the shock teams that take zero skill and everything dies


Or a Self Sacrifice Skill where she kills herself and revives one/multiple heroes with full health

Something like…when she revives, maybe they’d get a temporary shield, or elemental damage boost would be cool.

Or she simply revives the whole team and everyone becomes the pre-nerf ruby matador, marianas, Kreiger, Kiyoshi, Halo team and wipes everyone out. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: zero skill :joy: :joy: :joy: Love it when people say that.

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