Flatline too weak right out of the gate

Was lucky enough to pull Flatline from a patriot crate, also, had over 600 blue frags saved up (plus in a duel you can set her at 8 star plat don’t forget), so I was able to test her at various levels of stars and gear. Tough character to balance because of her resurrection abilities, but I have been testing her extensively in the Oracle spotlight, regular pvp, and in many duels within my alliance.

Been pairing her with various heroes who can help keep her alive with shields and heals. Bottom line, she’s just too squishy at every level. If she is targeted by a mech, or even energy hero, she simply gets deleted way too fast to be of any use.

This just as true at plat gear as it is in silver gear. At 3 stars or 8 stars, none of it matters. Buffing her health could be a problem as some of her abilities scale off her health, but maybe a large buff to her armor would at least give her a chance to see some play from top pvp players.

I’m having a sick winning spree in PVP now using Flatline (level 65, Gold, 5 stars) along with Gammond, Dogface, Mandrake and Caine.

To be honest, you could replace Flatline with any hero and it would still work.

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