Blue hero's horrendously stronger than mech

3rd time today I’ve been pvping and lost with my all mech team against an all energy team. I should be at an advantage considering the typage and the fact I had 2000 more power.

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Maybe they had more healers than you, maybe savage on your team ate one too many donuts, maybe you need to go back to PVP academy…One thing is certain though, you don’t need to stress, it’s all good…

With champs like the surge being able to turn a hero off for 20 seconds and pris being able to lock out every counter you might have, and that punisher wannabe being able to heal and then kill 3 of your hero’s. Mech doesn’t have abilities that can match. Not to mention shields don’t take elemental damage.

Dogface should win this match on his own. Combined with Matador and Keel for the heal, maybe Clyde and Razorback, you shpuld kill every evenly strong energy team.

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Who’s the Punisher wannabe?

By the Skill description I guess its Fortress

Make a screenshot next time, and ask for advice instead of saying an energy team is stronger. cause we can’t do a lot with this information

Ah. I haven’t used Fortress so I don’t know much about his skills. I often meet him but he doesn’t seem to do much at all (apart from The Punisher who would kill me in 2 seconds).

While his silver Skills is activated, he heals himself up to 10 seconds and afterwards deals the restored HP as damage. What makes this skill so dangerous is, that the heal given by any other hero also counts in as damage. So if he gets under fire while hils silver skill is activ, he easyily does 120k damage and more to three enemys.

My experience has been different. I use primary mech heroes (Razorback, Hideo, Dogface) and don’t feel that mechs are underpowered in any way.

There are many factors which can affect the outcome of PVP matches. Have you tried employing different strategies? Also what is the team that you used and what energy teams are you losing to?

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I’ve had a similar discussion on here with regards to leveling skills(dps vs utility).

Thing is that hero type is one, single part of the entire game plan. I’m under the impression that, apart from balance issues that seem to be a high tier problem, that this is like any other RPG and prioritizing something like type when deciding on a matchup is bound to confuse a person when it fails to deliver.

Using one of your examples:

Surge’s abilities take a bit longer than average to cooldown and then you have to take into account that it’s insanely easy to dodge his bronze specifically.

Pris usually just dies off when you dogface her without interruption.

Considering this I’d look at things like switching between heroes more often while positioning them in a more beneficial way according to wtf is going on. Even if you do this without any real plan it should still increase the chances of you moving a hero that would have been hit by whatever projectile. With observation this changes into deliberate dodging.

Having said all that I still suck at pvp. Just trying to give an extra perspective.

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I have to +1 the above quote @Andrew_Wilson.

Drop us a few screenies when you are able to yo :smile:

“Turn off a hero for 20 seconds” may be exaggerating a bit. The lifting (which is probably the strongest CC skill out there) only last 10 secs, and have 25% to not activating at all.

The 20 seconds thing is just a root, which still allows your hero to attack

And you know you can control ANY hero with interrupt (like Mandrake’s tomahawk, for example), and keep it for the moment Fortress starts charging? You can also destroy his cover to cut his charge. It won’t solve much, because his charge has probably the shortest CD in this game, but it may be enough for you to kill him.

Finally, Pris bronze ALSO locks her, so its kind of a 4vs4 for a moment. And her silver skill is easily avoidable, as long as you are not rooted or already stunned.

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