Is Oracle worth it?

From the free Oracle PvP event I think she is possibly one of the best hero’s in the game. She is mvp in nearly every match. Strong weapon which is accurate and has a fast reload. Her skills while taking a little longer to charge are basically game over If they go off. Paired with flatline I think she will be insane. But the question is is she worth 4.5k gold from the notoriously terrible and ripoff tier crates?

I flipped all Oracle crates and now I roll a 5* Gold Oracle at level 66.
Is she good?
Was it worth it?
Meh. Would probably have unlocked her sooner or later anyway and I didn’t really have any need for her right now as I already had too many characters to upgrade.
Buyer’s Remorse?
No. I do make quite spontaneous decisions in my games but it would be stupid of me to do things that I would regret. It was just money I would have spent on candy and chips anyway. And she’s cool.

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