Flaunting Fragments?

Similarly to flaunting the heroes you own… what if we could show the amount of elemental/universal fragments we have (all at once)…
ONLY in alliance chat, so as not to spam VIP, and to show alliance members the amount of fragments we have?

I find my alliance members and I always chatting about the amount of frags we have to each other, so maybe this could be implemented in the same type of way we post our heroes?

Just an idea :slight_smile:




I think a 1 hour cool down would be sensible to avoid any spam, as shown in the second image :wink:

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It wouldn´t harm, but I don´t think we need something like that. The purpose of showing the heroes is to show some configuartions, you can look up the skills (if it would work properly). Thats much to tell, if soeone asks. But to tell how many Frags you have just takes a few seconds.

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