Elements inventory

Could there be a spot where you can view all your inventory of what elements and frag all at once Or if there is a way, I would like to know?

Also would be nice to see all items you have and items you need

Similar to the desire to sort/filter heroes, this has een requested a few time as well but I don’t know if a response was given as to whether it was on the roadmap

I remember back in the days
Someone asked fir the same thing

And one of the devs responded
“what is the piont of creating one”

Then i created a thread about its concept
But no on responded.lol

I see. One dev said what is the point? Lmao.
Point would be we don’t have to click in unnecessary areas such to see how much you have of what you are looking at. There should be an inventory tab. A lot of games have this. Lol

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