For the more og players

I know that most of the high tier of oy people are always bragging about how much tickets they have, I have about 3 years in the game and felt so rich on tickets, here I am a poor dude with 600 hard work Spared up tickets haha, watch them please, if your not high enough vip you don’t get enough tickets and will eventually slowly go down


You gotta play more PVP, great source of Gold for more tickets


Or spend at least to vip 5 and its pretty hard to run out


At VIP 8* you reach a quick win equilibrium, with 100 quick win tickets a day. But yes, you have to work on PVP and events to win quick tickets.

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Are we talking about quick win tickets?
I do not think it is possible to run out however thanks for the heads up!

I feel my mind was being read! :innocent:

Vip 7 is only 90 quick win a day I always run out of my tickets.

VIP 10 is the one you want

Excuse me VIP8 sorry

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VIP 0 has joined the room.


Donate me some iTunes cards so I can reach it

It was just here to give a heads up as I didn’t notice, and yes I earn enough tickets but I have to spend about 250 tickets a day in total maybe so you might understand why I ran out

50 quick win tickets here at VIP 0…Lol