When you get Quick Win Tickets from PvP Crate




LMAO, you cracking me up mate! :joy:


Ill be honest. As a VIP 0 Im grateful that we can get quick win tickets from chests.

The reward that makes me internally cry is exp, but maybe I would need more exp if it didnt drop


Hahaha, yeah I hear you, I think this is more relatable for higher VIP’s :smile:

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Is a vip 6 I was short on them and liked them from crates, as a vip 8 I cry when I see them😂


Im vip 15 and got 0tickets rn

sounds like you buy lots of stamina refills

Guilty as charged , but not alot just probably twice a day.

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I hate seeing exp or quick win tickets from pvp crate or gold chests. Doesnt feel like a reward. I mean, sometimes its difficult to get those pvp wins and when you finally get a chest, it’s rather deflating to see tix or exp. Would rather see something useful as opposed to something I already have thousands of…


I hear ya…
I opened 4 PvP crates today… Literally got x25 QW tickets in each one…

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You called it. I have over 2k now. The simple fix is to allow players to sell the unwanted quick tickets for cash or trade them for pvp gems, which no longer appear in the pvp crates.

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This is a great GIF @Poobgloob !

I’ll take anything that comes out of a crate that I haven’t had to spend gold on: XP, gems, Tickets… I want need them all!!!

It’s a shame people can’t either sell, trade or give their unwanted stuff away.

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Hey you’re already 1/3 of the way to unlocking TROLOLOLOL

You don’t like those tickets? I love’em.

@ULFPAM, I have 3700 of those, a friend of mine has over 8000 and I heard someone in my alliance is getting close to 10000

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I play pvp just for quick win :’(

Curious, does anyone wish you could get energy instead of Tix? Or is that just me? Also like the idea of selling excess Tix, if not for energy or gems at least for cash maybe?


Lol I understand I’ve got like 700 now because of that! Not near the amount built up like some of you guys but it does get old very quick!

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I don’t mind the quick wins tix.
What triggers me are the XP. Like damn. atleast let me exchange those things for Bucks.


Quickwin Ticket Death Commemoration

Here died on July 31st, 2018, the cringeworthy Quickwin tickets rewarded through the PvP crate system. May this thread forever commemorate the heartbreak, sorrow, pain, disappointment, and anguish suffered by all those who were unlucky enough to have encountered them.
Their PvP crate reign is now over. Let us celebrate the forthcoming joy of opening PvP crates and this remarkable moment in Hero Hunter's history.

-Hero Hunters Community, July 31st, 2018