How to far or buy quick winning tickets?

Got in to a problem of being out off qwt after 2 years of playing lol… how to get them ? Got like 1.6 stamina , im not going to stay watching auto play in missions for hour … really not in to it , i better pvp that time or what ever

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Watch a movie. Otherwise, wait a few hours for some more. Good luck.

Oh and Black Market sells 10 for 20 gold. :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • Special Offers
  • Events like Solo PVP Blitz and Bounty
  • Daily Quests give you 9 a day
  • Crates (Gorgon crate, event crates, Alliance Patrol Crate, PVP crate maybe)
  • Sometimes missions reward a QW ticket
  • PVP Event rewards if you can rank high enough (some brackets might not have them)
  • Black Market
  • Achievements
  • Increasing your VIP level (spending real money) in order to get more each day

I recommend not using QW tickets anywhere else, especially Gauntlet (it’s so expensive).