Found Mandrake on movie

Israel Hands from Black Sails. if you remove the hair, they pretty look like each other :slightly_smiling_face::joy:

and Panzer look like Cara Gee aka Camina Drummer from The Expanse season 3, just watch 2 last episode of season 3 (after she got injured), then you will know what Im talking about :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmmmmmmmm :thinking:

yup. and flatline was in thor…

shes even got the tazer :slight_smile:


Cast was in the Spongebob Squarepants movie :slight_smile:

Therefore, it’s possible Cast is actually David Hasselhoff :thinking:


Nice catch :ok_hand::ok_hand:

I guess there is a lot more that can be found about another hero’s too :thinking::grin:

Ronin also stars in the 47 Ronin movie, famous for the “48 Ronin secene”




Francoise on Deadpool 2.


Hah, these are great!

I found Nightingale in my favorite band’s music video :joy:

Clyde is just a Schwarzenegger T100 endoskeleton.

(And that’s why I love him)

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You ever play a lesser known ps3 game called binary domain? Its got a lot of robots and feels terminator-esc at times. Anyways, it has a robot in it that makes me think of Clyde…

his name is Caine

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Never played it but yeah, that’s Clyde lol

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This is Clyde when he gets an upgrade.

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Cast, he even has a big gun

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I think Mauler resembles the MMA fighter nicknamed The Mauler a bit too much to make it a coincidence:


Alexander Gustafsson

" The Mauler "
He is a good fighter and his 4 losts its against top fighters (current HW and LHW Champion Daniel Cormier, Former champ and undefeated Jon Jones, Anthony Johnson and former Bellator LHW Champion Phil Davis.

His fight against Glover Teixeira kinda remind me his nickname “Mauler”.

I now see that I posted about this before and even made a pic to show the similarities!