Just something I noticed

I dont have any pictures since i dont know how to do that yet, but on the helios battle profile a different picture is displayed. I know its a mistake, but thats obviously a new Mechanical (Mini?)Boss like the Gorgon or Helios. We have seen it before in the Colonel Wesson hero preview, but havent seen it since. Another possibility is that it is a new drone, or ties into future heroes.

Also they have to fix Clydes Lucky Number Six, if no one has seen it yet it is 5% crit instead of the original 50%

Any names for it so far? Going with the greek mythology names, I kinda liked basilisk or chimera…

Oh my god you’re right, I can see it in 11-4, 11-5, and 11-9. Huh.

You are correct. Strange

OH! I just thought of something! Maybe it’ll be a vehicle that Kurtz pilots in District 13.

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