Erm so I was watching apocalypse now and I realised- is the Kurtz in hero hunters supposed to look like Marlon Brando’s? Also when you tap on 4 cep from the list is the cutscene meant to be a reference to terminator judgement day?

Pop culture references are in everything, technically they can’t say yes this is a reference to that because of copyright and stuff. But I always assumed Kurtz from Apocalypse now has always been the inspiration for Kurtz in game, they both run a cult like group and have some master plan to bomb the enemy.

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There’s an older thread about all the references in this game. Don’t remember the name or I’d link it, some of the stuff is a bit obvious but it’s cool to see what was homaged.

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Yeah, if i recall last year i said a few heroes could make up suicide squad. :slight_smile:

@Gale yeah I suppose they are

Hey, wasnt that wesson’s idea?

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Shhhh! :shushing_face: Some haven’t finished the campaign yet. :wink:


DeathNought = Reference to Death Note Manga & Anime? :joy:

Because they both rhyme. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: