Why is PVP the Main Aspect of this Game when It's the Most Broken?

Seriously, we have 3 PVP events a week with amazing rewards. Just from participating in those you get anywhere from 40 fragments up to a few hundred depending on where you place… per event. Meanwhile the main PVE event (bounties) barely even gives you 200 fragments total unless you are the top 50 alliance. That’s a 3 day long event that comes every other week roughly.

In the time it takes you to get 400 fragments from PVE bounties in a month you will have 3x that many from PVP events. Sure there is also the solo events like the recent Maven one where you get a few hundred frags for a specific hero, but those come once a month and only last a week or less.

In addition to the huge amount of frags you get from PVP events, you also get even more from PVP gems. You can get roughly 100 or more fragments per day from playing PVP and using gems, while the most you can get from Gauntlet is 30-40 IF you are VIP 10 and reset. Hard missions would give more, but you also have to balance using stamina with collecting gear so I don’t see this as a huge source of fragments. In addition you also get more fragments in PVP crates, AND crates are the only reliable source for gold outside paying real cash for it (or getting a whopping 35 gold from daily quests)

Of course all of this would be fine, but PVP is completely and utterly broken right now. Between the min/maxing going on, the pay to win flavor of the month characters (Panzer and Ifrit), and the rest of the 50 or so heroes being useless, it makes PVP a joke. This isn’t even mentioning all the random ability effects that can make you win/lose a match, or the AI going stupid mode. PVE is actually much better in this regard as a number of heroes who suck in PVP, are actually good in PVP (Hivemind, Maven, Clyde, etc.).

So with all that in mind, why is so much emphasis on PVP?


With PvP you keep on playing and spending gold for revives. It’s competitive and players go back to it for ranking. Campaign, gauntlet, raids are non competitive and don’t generally require gold.

I realize that, but I think you missed my point. If they are going to put so much emphasis on PVP, they should make sure it is not as broken as it currently is. For something that has such a huge impact you think they would balance the heroes better and get rid of the min/maxing. There have been countless suggestions on these very forums that would completely solve, or at least go a long way towards fixing the current mess that is PVP.

Exactly this. I used to love pvp. Now I hate it. I roll my eyes so much in pvp now that chameleons are starting to proposition me for unmentionable acts. But unless I’m willing to hamstring my development, I’m basically being forced to pvp. That makes it worse; like going to a job that I hate every day. I need the gems, frags, heronium, skin tokens and the shot at gold that either aren’t available in pve or are scarcely available in pve.


Even with all the suggestions of players they haven’t fixed it in months and I doubt they can. The mechanic behind it may well be too difficult to change.

Its the most rewarding aspect? It yields frags, hero xp, gold, frags, frags again, and another frag, stamina, bucks, levels, skin tokens, fraaaaags, staaaminaaaaaa

Isnt those what you need to play this game and kill bounties?

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