Francoise invigorate questions

Francoise invigorate “copy beneficial effects” seems a bit vague to me. I’d like to ask a few questions:

  1. If francoise tries to copy a heal, for instance nightingale bronze, how will it go through? Will it last as long as she has remaining?
  2. What happens if she has a shield with low health And tries to copy it onto someone with higher health shield?
  3. Flatline gold ability says it can only apply to one hero, does that mean she cannot copy it? If she somehow dies while throwing the pack, will Stay With Me be copied and Flatline unable to revive anyone else at this time?
  4. What happens if she copies mandrakes gold to someone above 40% health?

I don’t think it copies ALL effects, just the basic buffs (heal, extra health, extra damage, evasion). I haven’t seen her copy other effects usually. She doesn’t transfer advanced buffs like lifting, invisibility, taunt etc. I’m not sure if additional healing effects are transferred as well, invigorate already has a heal so idk.

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Based on my experience with her, copied effects are usually individual charges (such as Caine’s and Brogan’s active skills).

An area effect (Moss’ Healing Cloud) or healing over time (Operator’s Restoration) wouldn’t necessarily copy, since it’s not something she directly possesses. I may be wrong, however.

She will always copy shields at full health. This is why she is good to pair with Vanguard. (As for Mandrake’s gold, any hero over 40% wouldn’t qualify for the invisibility, so the effect would simply not activate. Same for Flatline, but again I could be wrong.)

For the most part, however, Invigorate is best used as a way to transfer Fran’s 4 charges of Take A Swig, which make an ally invincible and overpowered for a period of time. Any other copied effects tend to be secondary.

It copies the buffs but also refreshes the remaining duration and for stuff like shields it refreshes the amount.

It only copies buffs that are currently on herself so it can only copy effects provided by her other allies.

You can do some cool stuff like copying oracles target down buffs, giving butter/matador shields to allies. It doesnt seem to work with the permanent passives except her own, her gold gets copied (eg ronins honorbound doesnt stack and doesnt get shared with allies or ronin that dont already have it).

Generally if it has a duration or expires it can be shared.

She’s also wonderful to pair with Brogan…:wink:


Wait she can copy shields as well…?!?

@Dagamepro Yes, if she possesses a Vanguard shield, she can transfer a fully charged version of it to an ally. However, she best transfers Caine’s skills, since he can distribute them to anyone and can do so quickly.

You can actually run a two-hero PVP team using just an upgraded Caine and Fran. They go with each other like bread and butter. :slight_smile:

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I pair the Turkey with Fran. :rofl: