Is Francoise still bad?

I just got her today, and I’m wondering if she’s worth leveling.

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I also want to bring back this post. Seems to address some of the problems with Francoise

It was annoying at first i mean a less than a year ago
But now she is a crap
Yup bad in all measures.yes !!!

She’s just bad
Doesn’t heal well and her boosts are sh##

She’s my MVP quite often. She’s not mandatory but she’s OK. Her single target heal is good but clunky. Her self heal is good. Her damage boost is amazing - if you manage to activate it. Her gold skill I forgotten about and her platinum I’ve never seen working. I don’t think she’s terrible but also definitely not a priority for anyone.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve found some really good success with her in this bounty event. I took her to plat not to long ago and maxed out all of her skills just to see some combos with her and decided to run her with my main Bio team this event.

With the starting cooldowns being very low, I can usually get a charge of her Take a Swig up to the bonus damage by 50 seconds having it last the rest of that zone. In that time I get the initial bronze off and maybe 1 more for a very shot time. (Not much but can get a decent amount of added damage if I throw it on a hero with a fast rate of fire like Maven she can get a full clip off before it expires). I was getting about an extra 300K+ damage on my salvo when i paired him with Franc. His normal auto attacks were doing 110k damage on the bounty I was testing this on and with her buff he was doing 170k.

If they plan of keeping her the way she is a change I’d absolutely LOVE to see each time she uses her bronze the bonuses reset or even just add an additional 5-8 seconds on the time. If that was the case you could possibly have 3-4 heroes with the buffs at one time instead of just 1 which would make her a lot more viable in every mode.

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