Francoise need update

Francoise - take a swig she need a buff, very slowly ability. (LIKE A HEAL P/S)






Totally agree. For a nat 5 hero shes pretty underwhelming. She actually does a decent job of keeping herself alive and can use her abilities quickly due to her fire rate, but provides very limited support and isnt really a great DPS machine either (very weak bullets). If you compare her to other 5 stars shes pretty much considered the weakest.

Thats not just us saying it either, if you look at Rygel’s pvp and farming lists here (which are pretty accurate) she ranks the lowest on pvp and doesnt even show up for farming as shes not effective even for any specific mission levels. She has no specialization, shes not a threat for pvp, shes just plain not good.

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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! We’re always keeping an eye on hero balance and making adjustments with every Update.

If you have suggestions on ways to improve her, we would be happy to take that into consideration.

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it would be interesting to lower the bronze skill cast cd and remove the “10% Silver Skill Evade”…

in addition, If you see better the ability of 10% evasion, does not match the gold ability

Francoise is one of the most useless heroes right now. low damage, sub par healing, slow/ineffecient support effects. Whats worse is that shes a 5 star hero and not even close to on par with plenty of 2 and 3 star heroes. Hell, I use other 1 star heroes in my teams before I even consider her. Thats really really bad. So with that said, here are some suggestions:

1 - Her bronze skill should be an instant heal. Many healers do mass or group healing over time. So for her to heal a single target overtime is pretty poor. If her heal was instant and on par with maybe Nightingale’s instant heal, she at least has a nice healing option that sets her apart.

2 - Her silver skill needs some work. Currently its only effective at healing her (overtime once again). Her other benefits take waaaaaaay too long to kick in and shes entirely vunerable during the process (and loses any kind of DPS she was doing). As a backline 5 star hero with low damage, she doesnt really need this healing. I think the benefits should be flip-flopped at the very least; give her the buffs first; healing second. This way she can mainly use it to transfer buffs and then as a clutch/deperate heal if she is under fire. Either this or let take a swig effect the whole team after she has been drinking for a certain amount of time (like 5-8 seconds) so people will actually take a swig for the full length of time. Currently this skill is bad and the AI manages it poorly.

3 - I have no taken her to gold, but unless this provides massive benefits when paired with invigorate, it likely wont do enough. Her invigorate ability is not very intuative to transfer anything but the heal to other heroes. Take a Swig takes forever to load, other heroes usually dont target or buff just her (unless you keep swapping manually), and she really doesn’t have a great way to transfer stuff otherwise. She really requires micromanaging for an incredibly sub par result.

The only thing I like about her is her basic attack; its very quick and her reload time is super fast. However, her damage output is still really low since her bullets are weak. This seems fair if she is able to get some buffs out to increase damage, but currently she doesnt do healing, support, damage, or anything that well. Again, for a 5 star this is quite bad. If I got a 10 x crate and she was my only 5 star I would have a real ‘feels bad man’ moment. Just about every other 5 star brings something decent to the table.

I agree… She is pretty cringey :frowning:
I like the suggestions for making her bronze skill an insta-heal ability, and I do like her reload speed. Also, her silver skill is kind of useless when, for example, she is the lone survivor in a PvP match against a person with 2 or 3 hero’s left. The damage output of their team would exceed her ability to heal enough and stay in the fight for a chance to take at least one more persons down, or even possibly win.
But overall, yeah I’d say she needs some re-tuning.:grin: