Frequent Network Drops

I have been having constant network drops in every event that involves another player and to a lesser extent every other aspect including the stores. This issue is particularly devastating in PvP, and I would also imagine in any mission that is rather difficult for anyone. At first I thought it was my WiFi, but nope. The issue existed just the same on my data network and on other WiFi spots. After a trip across country I thought it must be my device since the issue still existed there too. Then my alliancemates started reporting the same issues, often. So, I’m here to find out if anyone else is having this issue and if it’s a game-wide issue or not. I’d like to add that this has been the norm since the Oct II update. I spoke with game support on this problem and received a response that seemed to state that this was a “non-issue”. Maybe the here in the forum, if it is a real issue for all, we can garner support to remedy this. If not an issue, I’ll have to search for a personal remedy of some sort. All support welcome. Thanks.


I’ve had it happen to me as well. But it’s not too problematic for me. I’m learning to live with it

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Same here, locking up at pvp loading screen after opponent has been found. Maybe 1 out 15 matches it happens and i’ll have to reboot to join the fight already in progress. Im on wi-fi so definitely not a connection issue.


Happens too often. Typically, by the time I can get into the fight it’s over.

For sure the latency and packet loss has become a lot worse over the past few months.

Probably 50% of PvP games I have the connection ! Sign.

Many times you can shoot and actually see bullets hitting the target but they don’t register… Bad gaming experience :frowning:


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