Game simply crashes on levels later than 11-1

I’ve been trying to complete campaign but the game just freezes up and crashes even with browser cleared, phone restart, no other apps hanging around. Earlier levels weren’t a problem but later levels are seriously ridiculous. Any help?

Are you on Android or IOS?

iOS… is it a common problem?

Contact support, click your name on the top left. Click support then contact us and submit a ticket explaining what’s going on. They can look at the logs of your accounts and work out why you are crashing :slight_smile:

I’m on IOS and it works fine for me. It all works up to 13/6 (that’s the mission I’m on)

Same here, haven’t completed any hard or normal campaign levels since last year (except quickwins from already beaten levels). I suspect its something on my end cause I accidentally transferred a few files of the game to a random folder on my phone, so I was thinking of reinstalling the game although I’m afraid to lose all my progress if I do :sweat:

If your account is synced to Facenook or Gamecentre then it is impossible to lose your progress, once your game account is tied to an external platform like Faceook it is linked for good and impossible to remove. Don’t worry about losing your progress :slight_smile:

This reminds me, is there a way to remove an account from your account list?

I downloaded the game on a new device of mine and it created a new game account. I have no use for an alternate and the newbie account just sitting there is messing with my OCD a bit lol.

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There’s no way to remove an account once it’s linked to a recovery method, and that’s not what OCD is.